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There is literally a whole ass kaido army for them to fight lmao.

Stop this Kaido teamup headcanon. The story hasn't at all tried to set itself to take Luffy's personal victory against a Yonko away from him

Edit: there is also literally the possibility Big Mom's crew shows up. There are also 4 more Numbers. There is plenty more beyond Kaido. And no, nothing is confirming Inu will win against Jack
1 on 1 always betting in Kaido need to disappear. and Momotaro are aleardy there. Luffy will beat Kaido alone after this
The "let's wait and see" was just because I expect King to fly, not to bet xDxDxD
Right. King will fly. And then Zoro will cut him down from the air. Then king will use his fire balls from long range and then Zoro will cut his fire balls in half. Then King will use his sword in close range and Zoro will cut his sword in half from close range.

It’s funny how you guys think King flying is impossible versus Zoro
Kings gonna use king hak
Epilogue of Monster Trio

And at the end of his journey Luffy became Pirate King.

And at the end of his journey Zoro became the World's Strongest Swordsman.

And at the end of his journey Sanji beat Kizaru...and he wasn't even wearing his Raid Suit.

If Sanji beats Kizaru, it's gonna be another asspull and it will completely back up the statement that Oda doesn't know how to powerscale
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