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Sanji and marco have already fainted by the time we see them.
The spoilers tries to hide sanji's shortcoming, sanji never fought both king and queen.
Marco and sanji vs king and queen, but knig and queen had the uperhand because of their teamwork, while marco and sanji have no synergy and they lost easily.

Zoro just stood up and he immediately draws blood.
Zoro and sanji have a very good teamwork, king and queen are fucked.

Blother Fertitta

Yea… 2/10 chapter. I don’t like that Zoro and Sanji share this wing shit :whitepress:
How can this be canon? Like how can these two be from the same Manga?

One liability that constantly beats the shit out of his Captain, whereas the other has infinite loyalty.

Why does Oda disrespect Luffy like this?
Now that we have pictures to see, who talked about 'Sanji fainted' were off by miles as Sanji being on the ground doesn't mean he fainted especially he got back up in next panel and page. That isn't fainted, he actually tanked their attacks and is struggle in fighting them both, but doesn't mean it's hard to hurt them given he got back up and hit Queen again. Toxic side on their headcannons getting debunked again on this.

Though I am happy to see Zoro and Sanji doing work on both and perhaps we get team up fight between them as in Davy Back fights as that would be interesting and they are competing against dinosaurs as back in Little Garden arc. Interesting again on their rivalry and competition here while being 'Wings of the Pirate King'.
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