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Right. King will fly. And then Zoro will cut him down from the air. Then king will use his fire balls from long range and then Zoro will cut his fire balls in half. Then King will use his sword in close range and Zoro will cut his sword in half from close range.

It’s funny how you guys think King flying is impossible versus Zoro
Not impossible, I just preferred an aerial battle against an aerial rival xD
Not Zoro cutting him xDxD
Are some guys here trolling or what?

• First Kizaru/Marco interaction when he launched the Yasakani. End of the interaction shortly after.

• Second interaction where Marco is shown in front of Kizaru and decides to turn his back from him because of WB needing help, gets hit by two random lasers and he is shown still bleeding and regenerating from them in the next chapter. End of the interaction.

• Then he gets handcuffed (and still hadn't finished regenerating from Kizaru's lasers) and gets hit again by other two random lasers. End of the interaction.

The total time where he interacted with Kizaru was extremely short. Why are people acting like a 10 minute 1 vs 1 fight happend? Or talking about King and Queen? Lmao. @MarineHQ62

And Marco performed better against Big Mom than he ever did against an admiral at MF.
This is the worst possible case scenario.
Oda really has Zoro say this cringe dialogue and stand next to this disgusting pervert of a character.

Idc about ZvKing anymore if it costs me this. I’m disappointed in Oda although we had this coming. :seriously:

And Luffy throughout this entire arc has been so bad, I can’t even support him anymore. Shit if Sanjis is supposed to be a Wing, who needs enemies :cheers: Sanji could just kill Luffy
Don't let anything stand in your way of enjoying a good Zoro fight bro :kata:
You’re a Luffy fan too.
How do you just let that shit slide?
Luffy is superior to them both.

I understand Sanji's reasons to hit him. I feel like Zoro and Luffy fighting in Whiskey Peak was an even bigger out of character thing to do than Sanji hitting him. Though Zoro is definitely Luffy's most loyal pal, even if all the SHPs are about as loyal.
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