Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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Yea… 2/10 chapter. I don’t like that Zoro and Sanji share this wing shit :whitepress:
How can this be canon? Like how can these two be from the same Manga?

One liability that constantly beats the shit out of his Captain, whereas the other has infinite loyalty.

Why does Oda disrespect Luffy like this?
If you dont understand why Sanji kicked Luffy thrte thats just sad
I swear at this point some Zoro fans care about Sanji than enjoying a good Zoro fight and it's sad :josad:
Really sad since King seems a very strong opponent and I wish since so many years a opponent who is worth to watch a 1on1 with Zoro. Im hyped for this battle, looking forward what King is capable to do. Tanking a direct CoA Onigiri from serious Zoro is impressive asf.
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