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The damage transfer only works from Hawkins to dolls/characters linked, not the opposite from what we saw till now.

it destroys the doll. and if the doll is destroyed the connection get lost. nothing can help him just see what Law did here, and how Hawkins reacted even as they met the next time Law told him that he didn't learn but Hawkins learned though he didn't put all 3 in the same place.
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Baseless how ?
Will king fight zoro in base without his sword and no haki like he has with Marco?
You know the panels yourself queen has been constantly shown with others not just Marco for ages. Irrelevant giving Marco more regen doesn't mean he makes king actually try.
Again if you think king isn't fighting zoro with haki hybrid proper swordsmanship then you're right but you don't so you're wrong.
I literally numbered my post to fit yours.

1) "King isn´t even fucking trying", he has been shown to try, with sword, with full Zoan form. And i gave King probs for cutting off Marco´s wing, and Marco then counterattacked. Marco never tried to fight either of them 1vs1, his aim is to take attacks and keep them busy. So the claim "King is not even trying" is wrong, he has tried, Marco did not go down. And the claim "Marco has not done anything to King" is irrelevant since that was never the aim, factually and canonically.

2) Yes i know them, i know Marco attacking King in one scene after getting attacked himself, while keeping Queen busy, and winning that exchange, i know Marco taking tons of lasers and bullets from Queen, i know Marco was in the battlefield against King and gifters while healing Samurai and King following him and attacking in full Zoan mode, i know Queen dying of frustration that Marco won´t fall down and so forth. Marco never tried to fight King 1vs1, King has been trying, Marco was not interested since his aim is to keep the battlefield safe from the two. Now two people appeared that can fight King and Queen respectively, hence his role is over.
if you guys have time, can you translate this 2 pages?? thank youuu @ivaannom @PuckTheGreat
Skull Dome Live Floor
Queen: Hey! Ex-Hundred Beast Pirate Scum!!
King?: You’ll pay a high price…
King: …for betraying us!!
???: Where’s Marco-san!!? Please do something!!
???: He’s already at his limit. We have to get through this ourselves!!!
???: Sangoro-san are you okay!?
Sanji: Damn it! Taking both at once is a beat too much!! wheeze…wheeze…
???: They are looking for Zorojuro!!
???: Who can stop them then!?
???: If nothing is done, the whole floor will be annihilated!!
Sanji: Chopper!! Miyagi!!
Sanji: If the drug isn’t working then take Mummy Marimo over there with you & run away from here!!
Miyagi: I’ve already given him the shot but…
Tristan: Will it take a bit more time?
Miyagi: In the first place he’s body was heavily injured so…
Chopper: Zoro do ur best!!
Sanji: If it’s me you want, I’m right here!!
Queen: Ugh!!!
Sanji: Sangoro-san!!
King: Find Ronoroa Zoro and finish him off!!
King: From the looks of it, he’s tryna to get some weird treatment
King: Don’t let him recover!!
Perospero: Damn animals…
Perospero: They can’t see coz of all the dust they made
Perospero: I’ll be the one to take out Vinsmoke Sanji!! Perorin🎵
Perospero: If you married Pudding, we wouldn’t have had to ally with this rowdy bunch!!
???: Boss! That’s him!!
Neko: Is that so…
Perospero: Die!!
Perospero: Germa failure!!
Sanji had his ass on the ground besides marco, they were 2v2.
It's a matter of teamwork, like the rooftop, when the SN weren't teaming up they were easily brushed aside, but when they had a collaborative plan they almost killed big mom.
Sanji and marco had no teamwork and they were doing individual attacks that has no effect.
You can even say that both marco and sanji were fighting 1v2 but they were easily dealt with.
And he got back up in next page and panel. How you 'faint' if you got back up next page? Don't be idiot and it's something if it took 2 YCs (3 YCs) to go after him and to hurt him, but even that he tanked it and got back up in fighting them again. That is big feats on Sanji. Denying it makes you guys hypocrities when you try to put on 'Zoro can fight 2 Yonkos due to Hakai' when he never blocked it.

Idk why your acting out this manner here.
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