Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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the one who claimed they were not remotely equal is just zorotards. Zoro always fight no 2 while sanji no 3. the jyabura/kaku douriki difference, their bounty rivalry, not to mention their latest panel together fighting together…king/queen reflect sanji/zoro
Sure, that was legitimate in Enies Lobby.
Post-TS it never happened, and Zoro looked much better. And how Queen and King compare to each other is also not known so far.
I will say this though, if Sanji beats Queen without using the suit and new abilities, i will admit i was wrong.
That's no feat, sanji and marco were fighting a losing battle, they'll be dead if king and queen didn't switch their attention to fodders.
Sanji and marco had no influence in fact they were the ones being dropped to their bottoms.
How no feat BOTH of them fought sanji and couldn't even bring him down, if you think zoro can dodge and attack 2 calamities at the same time while dealing significant damge then you are just delusional
It didn't saved them. Law saved them. Denying this is making you guys idiots and you do know Sanji was also fighting to protect Chopper who is helping Zoro. Your not making any type of sense to say this isn't a 'feat' when it is. Sanji have damage and fight them on his own while protecting everyone there to boot. Your hypocrite on trying to denied that.
Zoro didn't save the supernova? Yeah, couldn't look any stupider than that. And you accuse us zoro fans of being idiotic, lol.
Sanji was easily overwhelmed, didn't save anyone, couldn't even hold his footing ffs, and he was literally telling chopper to carry zoro and run because he realized he can' t protect them,sanji couldn't do a thing, maybe because he was teaming up with a weak ass like marco, now that zoro is in fighting condition things will start moving in the right direction.
Marco litterly did the same thing but onscreen, you dont know how long he fought them or how much damage he dealt so the only thing you can do is cry like a loser because your headcannon didn't match your expectations. here are the facts : sanji without raid suit was able to fight base king and hybrid queen for a short time, still they didnt even manage to take him down for more then a few seconds then he went straight for queen again
Sanji was ineffective, deal with it.
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