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When did Zoro is able to teleport? Law saved them. Don't denied that as we know that. Your dumbass here in denial and being hypocrite.

Sanji fought them both and of course he would struggle, but more feats on him tanking their attacks and getting to fight them on his own to a guy in 5 vs 1 fight. Also how? Telling them to protect himself while he fights them? Idk why your acting out on that manner as it's a feat on Sanji fighting them off on his own there while protecting them.
And who created the opportunity for law to teleport the sn? It was zoro with his strength.
Kidd had the decency to thank zoro for it, the salty sanji fans are in the mud.

Gol D. Roger

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Yet you guys push Luffy and Zoro are equals for being on rooftop when reality they aren't equals. You can't denied now after trying to force it early. Either admit it or not as it feels hypocritical.
I've never said Zoro is equal to Luffy. Luffy ragdolls Zoro, or any non-top-tier for that matter. I've always said appearing in group photos doesn't make people equally strong.
Both commanders really want Zoro dead .

King was probably informed bout what he did in the roof so he prefers to not take chances.

Something to note Marco only hyped them when Zoro recovered.

He thought Sanji was a star when he came to fight off Queen. Macro think them both as equals and top guys to the crew.

Idk about that, but it's shown Beast Pirates on Zoro and Sanji as top guys since start of the fight.
Just random thoughts: seeing the fandom wars on the internet makes me wonder, how was it like back then when internet and social media was barely accessed by everyone lol.
I remember I used to get into peoples faces just a few inches away and yelling Goku could have washed Vegeta if he had gone ss3 during the Buu saga. A friend of mine had to hold me back at times:halt:
I also remember some guy spitting at me and me spitting back
Literally spitting facts

The good ol days:brootea:
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