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Gyukimaru and Killer got Zoro and he received a severe injury because of that. so it is normal if Sanji loses to King and Queen. Marco can do that because of his regeneration power. Zoro himself have no chance against King and Queen at the same time imagine he fight King with his swords how can he avoid Queen's laser beams?


Kitetsu Wanker
King and Queen are Kaido's top 2 men. ofcourse luffy will be closer to being PK since beating King and Queen would heavily affect the outcome of the War
Luffy aint any closer to PK when those two go down than he was before they went down.
Once the battle against BPs is won and two Emperors are outta the way and he's got Kaido's PG which makes it 3 for SHs, then and only then is Luffy closer to becoming PK. King and Queen are literally irrelevant just like Jack is who is also Kaido's top man. :myman:
And who created the opportunity for law to teleport the sn? It was zoro with his strength.
Kidd had the decency to thank zoro for it, the salty sanji fans are in the mud.
What opportunity? It was '1 second'. You don't prevent anything when it was going to knock him out. Law saved him

Yeah same Kidd who said Apoo is 'trash' yet he tanked attacks from Zoro and Drake while harming them and even Luffy. He isn't one to admit truth even thinking Luffy isn't anyone he 'care' about either. Toxic side are in desperation lol.
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