Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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how is this related about who they fight? its all about appearance, just like you mentioned. U laready concluded king and queen difference before the fight, so i made the same thing kaido and bigmom’s apperarance before roof fight.

zorotards are really really idiot that i took pity on them
you can't have it both ways
You can't say king and queen are close cause they stand together then say it doesn't matter that King's in base and Queen in hybrid
What opportunity? It was '1 second'. You don't prevent anything when it was going to knock him out. Law saved him

Yeah same Kidd who said Apoo is 'trash' yet he tanked attacks from Zoro and Drake while harming them and even Luffy. He isn't one to admit truth even thinking Luffy isn't anyone he 'care' about either. Toxic side are in desperation lol.
Zoro held the attack for one second, that attack was gonna wipe out all SN on impact.

Now the sanji fans are twisting kidd's statements. Nice :suresure:
I firmly believe Elbaf is a large landmass that is connected to a large sky island via a world tree. This could be the"High point of the west" that ganfor was on about way back in skypeia.

Most people already speculate Elbaf to be Shanks' arc so it would make perfect sense for Buggy to run to Shanks due to losing his warlord status, Mihawk could be there just to meet up with Shanks etc. Mad monk could be here due to my theory of it being connected to a Sky island and Enel just for fun.
Sounds like an amazing arc:steef:
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