Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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They are equal i swear:pepemy:.
The chapter: "ignore the fragile lets go after sanji in team up"
Got talk in canon, not headcannon.
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1.49bil for King's bounty, you are doing a good job, MZ-chan. :goyea:
King's bounty isn't higher than Macro. Macro would have talk about it, but know both of their bounties are in billions.
Sanji attacked Queen but he got his ass ignored by Queen who went to deal with Marco again with King


β€’ King is concerned with Only Marco and Zoro .

And Base King ~ Hybrid Queen :
Yes. He got tossed twice. So much for base Sanji being Yc3 lol.

The only "good" thing about this chapter for Sanji fans is the group photos.

King and Queen are more concerned about Zoro than they are about Sanji. Sanji has cheapshotted Queen 4 times now yet failed to do any meaningful damage.

Zoro attacks King once and King is bleeding profusely. Highest AP Zoro.

As comparison, Marco attacked King with a named attack and follower up with high speed knee strike = King have a few specs of blood, most likely a bloody lip.
Zoro attacked King with a named attack = King bleeding profusely
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