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Show me where is Sanji vs King and queen clown ? :gokulaugh::gokulaugh:

Your got ur ass with copium is on you guys after headcannon got debunked as 'Hybrid King ~ Hybrid queen ' being debunked when we know that Base King ~ Hybrid Queen on panel and both of them fighting in the living floor and wanted to fight Marco :gokulaugh:
They talk on him fighting them awhile, it wasn't in that scene, dumbass :suresure:.

Give me panel where Zoro one-shot King as that didn't happen. We know King is active and that fight are easy that manner. Zoro isn't Yonko lvl :kayneshrug:.

By that logic then, Full Zoan King is on Full Zoan Queen given their fight together, in those forms to Macro. Head Piece isn't canon, rbuh :suresure:.
sanji speed of light only activate when he's trying to run away.
That Zoro. Remember the gas on Punk Hazard. We know Zoro run from his fights. Apoo put that on there.
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Perospero still dissing Sanji as failure of Germa

Man Oda is brutal
I mean Pero insults Luffy, Macro, etc.. Insulting is what enemies do, but doesn't mean it's true.


The same chapter declared they are the wings
Oda said the same thing in a SBS
So im also reading one piece lol
Yeah they can be the wings or whatever i dont care about that.
When it comes to fighting prowess oda makes it clear zoro is far above sanji by making a supernova and putting him on ghe rooftop.
Even in chapters were both get shine zoro still gets more.
Fodder : They are looking for Zorojuro!!

They don't give a Fuck about Sanji :kobeha:

When Sanji attacked Queen why did he still go where Zoro was with King ?

I'll tell you the definition of all this ==> IGNORE SOMEONE :kobeha:

They just want Woro :kobeha:
Why did they need to team on him if they didn't think they should fight him to begin with? Don't me a dumbass :denzimote:.

Copium is on you guys that much lol.
Marco putting Sanji the so called speed beast to shame, lmao.
And this is him being exausted lmao , did you see how Queen wanted to tag team him again , LMAOOOOO he says they are going to kill hom not i'm gonna kill him :josad:
But then Queen enters the scene too and says he has already tired and that they are going to kill Marco. Queen prepares his laser beam while King "conjures" a fireball in his hand. They are both about to attack Marco.

Marco: "Okay, okay. I give up...
I've fought enough. My part ends here.
It's time for the “stars” to enter the stage!!
It is already expected from this dude , he made meme running away while she had adv CoC and adv CoA and her sword

She said :
I can't deal with you while having all of these shits :gokulaugh:
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