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You can call sanji a loser all you want
That’s not what I meant when I talked about personal insults
Are you kidding?

you said something like some people see the losers in themselves
Pretty much called us losers

talk shit about a fictional character all you want
But don’t make this shit personal
It’s unnecessary
And it doesn’t make you look good either
Don’t take this too seriously
Its okay gyro ill stop before you start bitching about how theres no moderation in this forum for the millionth time. I will stop calling that loser sanji a loser.:suresure:
If you bringung SBS I have to remind you that old Ussop in a Sbs mention luffy and zoro while nothing about the others:risitavirus:
You mean Vivre Cards? That is outdated information if SBS in talks have talk about them on Luffy is strongest while Zoro and Sanji are equals. Why you using old information as canon? By that logic, characters don't have Haki then in your talk :kayneshrug:.
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Shhh..... ?
Good dog, don't talk. Only be there as that all you need to do.
He wasn't disrespected at all as Marco was closer to them, not because Sanji get there in that point. Plus King and Queen need to team to try to hurt Sanji, that more big feat on Sanji than bad when Queen got hurt by his kicks this chapter. Nothing was bad this way especially Macro talked about him being 'Stars' with Zoro.
Sanji was the next to the fodders when they were crying for marco's help.

It was more likely he was caught in the crossfire.

Not once in this chapter King or Queen pay attention to sanji.
Queen got hit by sanji but he ignores him to go where zoro is.
Thats disrespect :crazwhat:
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