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You made yourself look like a little child with the personal insults
Again you can call sanji a loser all you want just remember you’re also calling zoro a loser by association
And zoro is even a bigger loser cause he’s equal to the guy who just ran for 2 years while he trained his whole life
Sure man whatever helps you cope that child loving okama took another fat L and we Z boys are laughing all over this thread.
If pretending zoro and sanji are equals is what helps you deal with reality then go for it:yasu:
Sanji stayed down for half and hour then thanked daddy's suit for protection against Kings weakest form.

Base sanji without daddy's suit is clapping Queen rn.

Do the maths troll.
What hour? Sanji got back up next chapter. Time is not same in manga. That is stupid to put that when King try to hurt him and got his beak bended.

Is it his suit that tanking attacks from 2 YCs (3 YCs) Don't be dumb and be on the copium. Sanji got more fighting on without and with RS. You guys are stretching this point here.
They aint worried its common sense queen already said before there gonna take out sanji and zoro. If they see zoro half dead lying on the ground there obviously gonna try and clean him up.
Marco and Sanji were lying on the ground too, and were exhausted, but King and Queen (especially King) didnt finish them off, and went after zoro instead
King : Find Ronoroa Zoro and finish him off!!

Why is King looking for Zoro in particular to finish off? Aren’t King and Queen literally in front of Sanji? Do they think they’ve “finished off” Sanji?

These guys smacked Sanji a bit and then decided to go after half dead Zoro to “Finish him off”?

What’s this about?
Do you just pretend to skip part and ignore it do u even read ? he notice zoro getting weird treatment so he wants to stop him before he heals
I have panels that show King is concerned with Zoro and Marco while he ignored sanji's ass and Queen ignored Sanji's ass :gokulaugh:

Post the panels dumbass :gokulaugh:

Sanji kicked Queen and he ignored his ass , King ignoree his ass :gokulaugh:

Headpiece Huh ? :gokulaugh:
Base King ~ Hybrid Queen on panel

Base King ~ Hybrid Queen

Copium won't help ur dumbass bruh :doffytroll:
Again panel of where one-shot by Zoro on the YCs? If you don't have it, then your lying on your ass. Zoro is YC lvl :suresure:.

I only see Sanji tanking attacks and hurting while fighting them. Idk anything about what you said early like 'fainting' when you don't faint and get back up in next page and panel. This isn't Kamazou vs Zoro where Zoro got knockout for days before he got back up :kayneshrug:.

King and Queen are equals and you didn't prove anything, only on your Head Piece again which got debunked as 'ZKK' got debunked in this chapter again :suresure:.
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