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Show me where did i say Zoro is a Yonko level dumbass not even Luffy a Yonko level :suresure:

While you said :
Sanji vs King and queen
Show me the panels dumbass :suresure:

Post panels dumbass :gokulaugh:

So you have nothing and you are talking outta your ass ? :gokulaugh:

This isn't King vs Sanji where Sanji begged King to let go or he would have died from a hole in his belly that's why he needed his daddy suit and disappeared from sights until meme was out :

Base King and Hybrid Queen are equals and you didn't prove anything, only on your Head Piece again which got debunked as 'King = Queen' got debunked in this chapter again

Base King = Hybrid Queen :gokulaugh:
I can check by rooftop posts and you were talking about that. They are there lol. Don't denied it as we know you talked about Zoro one-shotting YCs. But he didn't. Don't go back on your fault here :suresure:.

Your put them in your previous posts as I told. He was fighting them as why would King and Queen need to team to fight him as he said.

You mean King getting his beak bended and Sanji kidding how Macro is kidding on 'giving up'? You got understand talk than thinking it means that when Sanji is fine fighting him as shown he got back up without injuries and King got hurt in that fight. He needs to team to try to hurt him even without RS. Don't headcannon when you got no backing, bruh.

King and Queen are equals as being in different don't mean much especially Queen was fighting Macro in Base while King was in Full Zoan to try to fight him. By that logic, Base Queen = Hybrid King then :kayneshrug:.
So you don't have panels of What you claimed Dumbass ?
Don't get stupid on me on your insecurities, bruh.

Base King ~ Hybrid Queen

Full Zoan form King = Full Zoan Queen
Nah, base King and hybrid Queen vs Macro. That is canon and they are equal given went Hybrid and King is in base and both channeled their power our when they tried to fight him on Panel .

Base King with a fire shoot while Hybrid Queen is using a laser shoot :gokulaugh:
I already did I posted back to you early and talked to you about. Spamming the post doesn't put you in argument, it make you more of a dumbass XD.

Then guess Base Queen = Hybrid King given King was fighting him in Full Zoan early and Queen was fighting him in Base then by your logic and tanked better than him in his Base :kayneshrug:.
Big Mom Vs Marco was something like this


honestly mate ... accept it ... King and Queen Vs Marco was better than any Marco Vs Admirals
Marine Ford war was 3 hours long
and Marco fought Vs every single Admirals ... something for a very long time (Vs Kizaru on back ground)

I still want to give benefit of doubt to Logia Admirals ... but the gaps shouldn't be as crazy as we think
even when we talk about Yonko Vs YC
Didn’t Kizaru + a random vice admiral do more than King + Queen?
Zoro fans = 5 years of build up to zkk and not even make kaido fall to knees

to instantly hopping off the train to hype up king in 1 chapter

So sad Zoro fans have no loyalty just jump ship and pretend it never happen
It's weird to see people suddenly hyping the shit out off King.
He was always strong but after this particular chapter people have started to worship him.
It's clear as day Zoro ain't going clean after fighting him.
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