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Why does Sanji need to roof top with zoro when that was not main roof top group that was the 2nd weakest group strongest group about to arrive soon
Because sanji getting what zoro gets is bullshit.
They are simply shown together sometimes because they are 2 of the strongest members in the sh pirates.
But zoro gets more because he is a combatant.
told you it's on rooftop chapters post. Your posts are there. Don't denied it and be a dumbass there XD.
So nothing dumbass , you are making shits up to save ur ass :arnoling:

King got his beak bended and bleed from both Macro and Sanji while Queen tanked more and didn't bleed as much though from Macro and even Big Mom.
Show me King said that his beak got bent or he felt pain or a statement about that while i have King ignoring his ass with Queen after he kicked him :arnoling:

Again then Base Queen and Hybrid King are canon as equals then after fighting early where King need Full Zoan to try to hurt him while Queen went with Base to hurt him :kayneshrug:.
Base King = Hybird Queen while channeling their power to finish Marco is a canon thing .

Keep crying dumbass and denying panels :arnoling:


Oda's accuser
But but but zoro is so faaaaaar above sanji
Why is he facing king and queen alongside sanji ?

When there’s kaido and big mom?

Why zoro like sanji taking on the commanders
While luffy law kid are taking on the yonko ???

so either it’s because zoro =sanji
Or you sir are just a tiny bit delusional
It doesn't matter who he is facing. He is nerfed first of all:

King : Don’t let him recover!!

Second Oda is not always consistent with depicting power level dynamics and regardless it depends on the difficulty spent.
All 3 Calamities are called All-Stars, guess they are all even now.....
Meh I know this day would be coming ever since ZOro got off the roof
There will be a chapter where Sanji and Zoro got put together
And Sanji fans will be like:
" hehe all Zoro previous feats don't matter because they share the same panels"
They're clowns lmao, Dont understand why the wing thing is important to them so much, anyways I now realise that half or more of the forum are high school dropouts.
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