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I actually can't believe we're supposedly getting 3 more chapters in a row after this one too! Things has been really shit for me lately IRL so this is actually going to help me a lot with something to look forward to and keep me going, at least!

Also providing Oda doesn't fuck up, I'm really hoping to see Morj and his insane takes, receive some hard Ls in the near to somewhat soon-ish future too at least!
Some of his ideas are good though too imo but they are the same things I wished for as well ironically, so even if he wins with those, I still win too even more ironically!

There are some nuances that Morj fails to understand sometimes.
Like for understanding and explaining the deeper themes of a Arc he is your guy to go.
But he got stuck with this idea that Wano would go up to 200 chapters and I really believe this is why he is so adamant in this raid will fail idea...

He is best suited for analyzing what already happened in a Arc or the deeper theme in it but when it comes to future predictions he is not that good.
Like he hit the tinpot with CoC being key to defeat kaido because it was already a heavy theme in the Arc.
For short-term predictions I always go to Ohara or Sawyer they seem to have more sensible ideas of what's to come.
Good night I will go to sleep now not thinking about Sanji unlike Zoro fans who dream about how to downplay Sanji so when they wake up they can come into this thread and pretend like that they just made it up in the spot without giving any thoughts to it even though they spent 8 hours in their dreams thinking about ur
Maybe you wont think about Sanji but I have a feeling you will think about Zoro


I would be mad too if I woke up and saw

zkk dead
Zoro = 1 out of 2 stars
Zoro = 1 out of 2 wings
Zoro = share attack page with Sanji
Zoro = got the shit line when Sanji said luffy pk

so I give Zoro fans a break this week becusse they got a lot to deal with
Why would zkk be dead? Zoro is gonna fight the king just like ryuma wanted to do.
In fact zkk would be dead if zoro didnt fight King.


The Rogue Prince
Like he hit the tinpot with CoC being key to defeat kaido because it was already a heavy theme in the Arc.
he did get a lot of things right though.
CoC was just one. He is the ONLY youtuber who got the big mom to wano part spot on.
he also predicted Luffy losing 3x to kaido like what happened to crocodile.

its not like he got lucky with the CoC one. some of his predictions are kinda iffy but his strong ones usually turn out to be true.

Shimotsuki Ghostly

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Why does everybody hate morj? He is a cool dude ans not every theory of his is going to be correct
Some of his fans really exaggerate his credibility, they are very obnoxious and stroke his ego immensely, worshipping him and acting like he's God's gift to the Earth and that he can do no wrong etc, it's very irritating. I don't mind Morj himself but I .can't stand people worshipping these youtubers and acting like their theories and statements are the holy gospel, it's very cult-like

Also I just find some of his takes a little too ridiculous for my liking but he's one of the better OP youtubers definitely by far.
Plus on the other hand, on a much more positive note it's nice to see an actual Indian Youtuber who is doing so prominently well too, it's quite inspiring and reassuring.

But still, I hate some of his takes regardless. They wouldn't be so bad if his fanbase weren't so insistent that they're so "predetermined/guaranteed to happen" and thus he is "spoiling the series for us". I dread to think and can only imagine how much worse his Discord server could be like lol. Or if he has a subreddit too especially?

I also hate how he's selling plushies of himself, to me that comes across as very self obsessed/egotistical. At least Tekking created an alternative fictional character with Barry the Brick, but I think having plushies of a real person is downright disturbing tbh. You could counter it by saying people buy merch with celebrities faces on all the time in sheer abundance and for extremely high prices too even, but this is some weird uncanny valley, a little too gratituous for my liking personally.

There are other OP Youtubers who are much more obnoxious, more aggressively annoying and loud and such. At least Morj seems to be generally calm, well-spoken and intellectual too. There are much worse fanbases than his in the OP community too ofc. But I do just hate how much people blindly glorify him too though. If they were more critical, I'd appreciate that.

I know I'm being very nit picky about him but I have my own personal opinions and beliefs and he just happens to unfortunately provoke some of them. We all have our dislikes and pet hates even? Hes' far from the only OP youtuber I have issues with and he's far from the worst too, so there's that at least?

Speaking of reddit though, nowhere's and nobody's probably as worse than them though!

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