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Some of his fans really exaggerate his credibility, they are very obnoxious and stroke his ego immensely, worshipping him and acting like he's God's gift to the Earth and that he can do no wrong etc, it's very irritating. I don't mind Morj himself but I .can't stand people worshipping these youtubers and acting like their theories and statements are the holy gospel, it's very cult-like

Also I just find some of his takes a little too ridiculous for my liking but he's one of the better OP youtubers definitely by far.
Plus on the other hand, on a much more positive note it's nice to see an actual Indian Youtuber who is doing so prominently well too, it's quite inspiring and reassuring.

But still, I hate some of his takes regardless. They wouldn't be so bad if his fanbase weren't so insistent that they're so "predetermined/guaranteed to happen" and thus he is "spoiling the series for us". I dread to think and can only imagine how much worse his Discord server could be like lol. Or if he has a subreddit too especially?

I also hate how he's selling plushies of himself, to me that comes across as very self obsessed/egotistical. At least Tekking created an alternative fictional character with Barry the Brick, but I think having plushies of a real person is downright disturbing tbh. You could counter it by saying people buy merch with celebrities faces on all the time in sheer abundance and for extremely high prices too even, but this is some weird uncanny valley, a little too gratituous for my liking personally.

There are other OP Youtubers who are much more obnoxious, more aggressively annoying and loud and such. At least Morj seems to be generally calm, well-spoken and intellectual too. There are much worse fanbases than his in the OP community too ofc. But I do just hate how much people blindly glorify him too though. If they were more critical, I'd appreciate that.

I know I'm being very nit picky about him but I have my own personal opinions and beliefs and he just happens to unfortunately provoke some of them. We all have our dislikes and pet hates even? Hes' far from the only OP youtuber I have issues with and he's far from the worst too, so there's that at least?

Speaking of reddit though, nowhere's and nobody's probably as worse than them though!

the plushies were too much but i can understand that he's trying to make some money lol.
plus he's indian as well so :wellwell:

also remember atsushi, an MHA leaker, trying to sell merch and getting trolled out for it


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yeah the plushies were a bit too much for me too to be honest:gonope:
Thanks lol, I appreciate that. I felt I might be in the minority or even alone with that belief tbh. I know I ranted about him a lot but I used to be really invested in OP youtube years ago.

Certain other OP channels especially Joyboy Theories and his meteoric rise and causing other much smaller, much less popular but much better quality OP youtubers to give up on making OP theory videos really spurned me on the OP youtube community, along with some of their fanbases as I discovered in the last few years too.

Morj is definitely still one of the better faces of the community and has one of the better fanbases still though. There's much worse toxicity in other youtuber's communities that I've experienced first hand heavily.
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