Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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The Rogue Prince
LMFAO, thats very about the Indian part! I should have seen that coming! (Looks at my own family with disgust)


Speaking of Indian culture and One Piece though, I'm really happy Oda revealed Jinbei to be Indian recently! I didn't see that coming at all and it was a wonderful surprise naturally! :finally:


The plushies wouldn't be so bad if they weren't based on him directly imo, it just makes me very uncomfortable lol. Same with if any other Youtuber did it but if he did some meme merch with his face on, based on the actual memes/in-jokes with him, that wouldn't be so bad, more fun even too? Idk, just having a plushie replica of Morj in my house makes my skin crawl tbh, it feels like a step or two away at least from having a body pillow even?

Wait no...

what have I done!?


(Ohara would probably do it though or maybe Rogerbase? Nah, wait what about KoL? LMFAO)
KoL bruhhhhh LMFAOOO

i love the fact that jinbei would be indian! planning on getting a jinbei set done some day for the account as well.
nothing but love for the knight of the sea!


The Rogue Prince
Wait they did?! I knew the fanbase turned on them but I wasn't sure why? Wow, LOL! I'm guessing of themselves? But even so, a spoiler leaker selling merch? Bruh...
I need to look this up and get some more context, this is wild lmao.

he became the laughing stock of twitter for a while lol. mf got clout by leaking images and thought he could cash in on it. XD
Brachiosaurus is physically stronger than Pteranodon
Laser beams are deadlier than fireballs
Queen is one of the best scientists and inventors in the world, only topped by Vegapunk and maybe Judge
Queen is in charge of Kaido's prison, other than the capital and Onigashima, the most important region of Wano
Yeah physically i agree brachiosaurus is stronger, much stronger even. The physicality of brachio queen is also much more muscular, signifying superior raw power. Those are in Queen's favor. But seeing King's position in Beast Pirates, imo he will have superior CoA and hax (unique fire?) compared to Queen, setting him as superior overall. Not by much though. Just like Zoro and Sanji.
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