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base sanji= enma zoro, wano random powerup.
+Sanji was fighting non stop this war, the fatigue should be huge, yet he still duo with 100%Zoro.
Cook>sleeper blsh
The title wings is actually like sweet commanders or calamities. Remember when Jack was introduced ? "One of the closest man of Kaido-sama". It's just the title for the strongest and most closest men of their captains.
Man imagine if confirms Wings is for top Commanders from SH's, like something, ' This is one of the 4 wings from Straw hats pirates' Vinsmoke Sanji. Somethong like that.:steef:
That being said,

We know Sanji and Zoro are wings, and same level.

Even in this chapter, Sanji, Zoro's equal, says that he can't take both King + Queen at the same time inside of 1 chapter only.

Marco was soloing King + Queen for 20 chapters, doing damage, while not getting bleed by King or Queen in return.

How many chapters do you guys think Rooftop Zoro could solo King + Queen?

I believe 2 or 3 chapters at best, Rooftop Zoro would be down against King + Queen in 2 v 1.
Zoro neg diffs Sanji and King low diffs Queen
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Base luffy 100
Zoro ashura 80
Sanji RS 70
Base Zoro 100
AdvCoC Luffy 50
Sanji 0.5
Ashura Zoro 500
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Oh my goodness. You really believe current Luffy can hang with the likes of Kizaru and co:crazwhat:
What absurd level of wanking is this???? :kobeha:
At this point it's wanking to consider them on his level. He has superior haki and physical stats. Kizaru couldn't get an advantage over Marco without a distraction. Luffy is fighting someone far stronger.
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