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Marco specifically said he was holding off 2 guys with above 1 billion bounty in chapter 1006, he obviously didn't mean its only for a second its since chapter 1000 where King and Queen failed to stop Marco from sending Zoro to the rooftop. Which is why King saying he is busy enough to not even go to finish 9 scabbards is important in Ch.1004 then we see Marco vs King and some flying gifter in Ch. 1005 then in Ch.1006 before Queen could attack Hyogoro Marco stops Queen then King tries to cheap shot Marco while Queen was also attacking Marco with a laser but King ends up on his butt with a bluebird attack then a flying knee makes King bleed from his mouth, before Queen can cheap-shot Marco in return Marco sends Queen flying too. In chapter 1007 Marco holds Queen's neck and lets Chopper slap him.

It wouldn't make sense for King to fooling around and take damages from Marco when he needed to go and finish 9 scabbards, he was focusing on Marco, so your ''what we see counts'' only logic doesn't work due to Marco's statement on holding off both Queen and King in chapter 1006 and King saying he is busy in chapter 1004. The only reason King couldn't go anywhere else was Marco.
Yeah, Queen also said the Oni virus would take an hour to kill. Not only did Marco fight King and Queen that whole time the virus was going, he was slowing it down too.
Stop ignoring what Sanji said, him is fighting boths at the same time.
Its like they can't read,

They say Marco is exhausted due to King and Sanji is because of Queen when Sanji says he fought both King and Queen at the same time.

King v Marco and Queen v Sanji didn't happen. First Marco soloed them for minimum 15 chapters then Sanji for 1 or 2 chapters.

If Sanji is going to win against Queen but can't solo them more than 2 chapters then Marco mid-diffs them if he fights 1 v 1.
So break by the start of September if that's the case.

I guess it makes sense since Oda likely wants to make this clash steer momentum and don't make the lectors lose drive since they are going to fall very soon.
fighting a mostly friendly battle against people they knew pretty well (it literally turned into a gift exchange) when you're a mere apprentice/kid is VASTLY different from fighting two people who are not that weaker than you at the same time in a 2v1 while nerfing yourself by healing 1000s for over an hour using your flames.

cherry on top? the two who you were fighting are hellbent on killing you and have really good regen abilities.

the king hype is extremely good but stop the marco downplay.
I'm not downplaying, just disappointed.
It is not like king and queen were lending marco their undivided attention, iirc he was the one to provoke them, even in this chapter you can see where their priorities are, not confirming the kill, ignoring both him and sanji...

The battle vs roger pirates has started on a serious note, whitebeard warning oden about their strength, oda made it so we're supposed to take it seriously, it only became an exchange of goods at the end of the battle.
Base luffy 100
Zoro ashura 80
Sanji RS 70
Base luffy 100
Zoro ashura 80
RS sanji 75
Luffy gear 2 300
Luffy gear 3 600
Luffy gear 4 3000

Weaken and poor condition Zoro bested Kaido and scarred him. Luffy has yet to do the same. When he does then you can say that Luffy, whatever gear or more he's in, is equal to Zoro.
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