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Looks like Killer already slayed majority of Hawkins lives, this hostage shit Will only buy him some time.
Reminder that Hawkins was smirking like a psycho even when he was torturing Law, we all know how it ended
It ended with Drake freeing Law who surprise-attacked Hawkins... Law would have been dead by now, he couldn't do anything against Wawkins back then :kata:
Wrong, it was because of Kaido and Big Mom. If it wasn't for Zoro, Luffy would be dead. Luffy was much better shape.

If Zoro weaken and in poor condition can best and scar Kaido in a solo fight he could do a whole lot more in better shape. If Zoro can use large powerful barrier haki to block hakai and then tank it he can easily use that same power to clash with Kaido weaker attacks, like Luffy did, using smaller barrier haki.

It amazed me to know when people try to claim that Zoro couldn't handle smaller and weaker attacks. Or the people who believe Zoro in better shape couldn't have done what Luffy did plus more.
%50 because of Kaido, its not wrong. Zoro was getting help from 4 different people constantly don't make excuses about Big mom.

Luffy's FS CoO told others to be ready for Hakai, Zoro acted only because Luffy warned them. Without Luffy's FS, Zoro couldn't react.

If not for Luffy, Zoro would be dead meat after Thunder Bagua.

Luffy told them to leave because others were too weak to keep going. Too much difference. Zoro can't even knock Kaido down with his ultimate move Asura while Luffy does it with regular punches without G4.


The Rogue Prince

Benn has been stated to stand out as comparable to Shanks in his Vivre Card and judging off Kizaru's reaction that's likely a power level dictation rather than an influential one since he is no yonko anyway so that was foreseeable.
fought king primarily, queen and whole host of gifter army while using part of his flames to heal thousands for over 15 chapters until sanji came around. the man has been at a severe disadvantage for all this while and still is not fully down.

also i think the primary reasoning behind oda offscreening this fight is to save the king hybrid reveal for zoro's 1v1.
king was already switching between zoan and base quite frequently so he couldve gone hybrid as well. we're not shown the fight for precisely that reason ig.
It ended with Drake freeing Law who surprise-attacked Hawkins... Law would have been dead by now, he couldn't do anything against Wawkins back then :kata:
Yeah I agree that Hawkins was probably sneaked by Law, but you know how it goes... Who kills by the sword dies by the sword...
Was he correct when he took Bepo, Shacchi and Penguin as hostages to capture Law?

Keeping it to Killer vs Hawkins, what do you see happening next?
That weakling almost kicked Peros ass with help from Wanda
Solong carrot is no joke
Nah, she is weakling even with help, she couldn't defeat Perorin, got mid diffed.

Look to Jack that man face a army of sulong even againt the three musketeers.

Nekomamushi was the King and leader of the Guardians, Pedro was his Right Hand man, that's the matchup for u.

Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
Marco specifically said he was holding off 2 guys with above 1 billion bounty in chapter 1006, he obviously didn't mean its only for a second its since chapter 1000 where King and Queen failed to stop Marco from sending Zoro to the rooftop. Which is why King saying he is busy enough to not even go to finish 9 scabbards is important in Ch.1004 then we see Marco vs King and some flying gifter in Ch. 1005 then in Ch.1006 before Queen could attack Hyogoro Marco stops Queen then King tries to cheap shot Marco while Queen was also attacking Marco with a laser but King ends up on his butt with a bluebird attack then a flying knee makes King bleed from his mouth, before Queen can cheap-shot Marco in return Marco sends Queen flying too. In chapter 1007 Marco holds Queen's neck and lets Chopper slap him.

It wouldn't make sense for King to fooling around and take damages from Marco when he needed to go and finish 9 scabbards, he was focusing on Marco, so your ''what we see counts'' only logic doesn't work due to Marco's statement on holding off both Queen and King in chapter 1006 and King saying he is busy in chapter 1004. The only reason King couldn't go anywhere else was Marco.
Marco's dialogue says nothing about how long the fight lasted. Holding off two commanders can be pretty tough even if it's only for a few seconds. Even Sanji lost so easily as a matter of fact. The panel in which King says he's busy doesn't imply in any shape or form that Queen is involved in the fight. I don't even get how and why King saying "I am occupied with Marco" = I am fighting Marco along with Queen. Once again, we clearly saw King attacking Marco with no sign of Queen or his attacks near them.

Queen is chilling around watching Hyogoro decimate the live floor. He's been out of the fight for so long that he forgot about Marco, and he had to remind Queen that he is his opponent with a bitch slap.

Marco right here^ looks far more bruised than he was in chapter 1005 proving King is the one who damaged He damaged him even before he resorted to using a cheap shot. King made it pretty clear that he can't go after the Scabbards and BM as well as Jack offered to go after them. So I am not sure why he'd be so worried about them. Also, If King really wanted to go after the scabbards so badly; then it actually makes no sense for the two calamities to fight Marco when King can do it by himself. King fought Marco when Queen is fighting Chopper, and he continued to fight even when Sanji entered the stage. So he can simply offer to hold off Marco and send Queen after the Scabbards if he wanted to.

Exactly, The only reason why King can't go anywhere is that he had his hands full fighting Marco in a one-on-one.
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