Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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Nah, she is weakling even with help, she couldn't defeat Perorin, got mid diffed.

Look to Jack that man face a army of sulong even againt the three musketeers.

Nekomamushi was the King and leader of the Guardians, Pedro was his Right Hand man, that's the matchup for u.
Nekomamushi going to mollywop Perso before fighting Jack.
Carrot going to finish off a weakend Perso.
Even though he is innocent. :josad:
Don't be mad. Soon Yamato will join and she will be the Oden of the crew. Not only Sanji will be replaced but also Robin because Oden was able to read Poneglyphs.

Maybe Sanji and Robin will join Law instead
First off whats with this KING DIDN'T GO HYBRID rant.. Bruh marco has been using his half man half phoenix form not his hybrid which defines being a mixture of both human and DF not part human part Df.. Why doesn't anyone bring this up

But whether meager or drastic King logically isn't at peak condition its just Enough for now.
Finally someone pointing that out: Marco never used his Hybrid either.
I think people inside and outside this forum have a misconception of the Hybrid form. People talking like full zoan form is useless since the hybrid is the strongest, but zoan form are situationals, depending on your opponent there are situations where full Zoan can do the job better than Hybrid.
Both King and Queen had in their interest to shut down Marco as quickly as possible, so it would not make any sense for them to not use their "strongest form" and let Marco stall them. The reality is that both of them used the form that they thought would have worked the best against such a fast opponent who can fly. King used almost the same as Marco: Full Zoan to fly while turning into human body to attack mid air. Queen who cant fly and cant match Marco's flying speed used full Zoan to be the most tanky he could and to act exactly as an anti aircraft
Not open for further replies.