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Finally someone pointing that out: Marco never used his Hybrid either.
I think people inside and outside this forum have a misconception of the Hybrid form. People talking like full zoan form is useless since the hybrid is the strongest, but zoan form are situationals, depending on your opponent there are situations where full Zoan can do the job better than Hybrid.
Both King and Queen had in their interest to shut down Marco as quickly as possible, so it would not make any sense for them to not use their "strongest form" and let Marco stall them. The reality is that both of them used the form that they thought would have worked the best against such a fast opponent who can fly. King used almost the same as Marco: Full Zoan to fly while turning into human body to attack mid air. Queen who cant fly and cant match Marco's flying speed used full Zoan to be the most tanky he could and to act exactly as an anti aircraft
Finally someone who understands it...
Yes, they did, but after Luffy. He was the first one to go all out and get exhausted. He tried his best, gave his best shot, even when he was not sure how to hurt Kaido.

My point is, dont underestimate Luffy, what he did there was impressive, and >>>> Any SN including Zoro.
Oh then we are in agreement, I wouldn't go as far because there was Zoro who performed really good but yeah Luffy was the strongest one
Keeping it to Killer vs Hawkins, what do you see happening next?
I read some theories on this forum that Law will realize Hawkins has made some straw dolls out of Kid, but Law doesn't know Killer is fighting Hawkins and given the fact he's fighting against Big Mom, he won't even have the time to realize it. Killer's "Sonic Scythes" should affect Hawkins' dolls, so there's no other choice for him other than stop fighting. I would love to see Killer and Hawkins join the fight against BM, but right now it's hard to see that coming, so I don't know ahahah let's see what happens.
he still isnt fully down yet. all he took was a moment of respite before getting back up again.
I have to disagree here, fodder were saying he's reached his limit long ago, and even himself after sacrificing his last fire to protect zoro raised his hands and declared surrender.

The main thing i'm disappointed about is that he didn't inflict any noticeable damage on both of king and queen, his AP is not impressive since MF where the admirals tanked his kicks with no sign of bother.

So he can't do damage, and can't win a battle of attrition even though that's his main specialty.

But i still appreciate his contribution in minimizing the potential threat level of the calamities to a manageable extent.
Yeah I agree that Hawkins was probably sneaked by Law, but you know how it goes... Who kills by the sword dies by the sword...
Was he correct when he took Bepo, Shacchi and Penguin as hostages to capture Law?

Keeping it to Killer vs Hawkins, what do you see happening next?
Hawkins will change side, Killer can't kill him even though he is much stronger, so something will happen between them
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