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I said in the sense that something interesting will happen in the next chapter

AWW sorry lol
... Even with a spectacular chapter with sanji Coc and low doffs Queen and Zoro just instant kills King.. The time gap between the spoiler release dates and thr chapter release day is just too less
we were just lucky to have a buttloada time to discuss initial small spoilers and hype things up.. And argue etc etc.. The same can't be said about the upcoming chapter lol

What it can do is break 1010's record again tho
I dont know why some sanji fans act as if Queen fought Marco in a literal sense, Marco saying it's tough to hold off King and Marco means that it's hard to stop Queen from clearing the live floor without getting attacked by King, do you really think Queen in full zoan form can keep up with Hybrid Marco? It's obvious King did the most damage to Marco, further proven by the fact that Queen's laser/bullets were ineffective against Marco, in what way did Queen deal damage with that big and slow form?

Most of the time, it's King vs Marco
Nah I think at that point if the narrator, aka Oda, is communicating it, they are probably done.

I've always said that if the chapter completely addresses it and has the narrative explain their defeats and show it, they are probably done. And it looks very much like this chapter does.

At this point it's fine. The arc is 114 chapters now and there's still:

- Apoo
- Hawkins
- Fukurokuju
- Perospero
- 4 Numbers
- Jack
- Queen
- King
- Orochi (clearly not dead)
- Big Mom
- Kaido

And that's not including the possibility of CP-0 threats or Big Mom Pirates being in Wano's mainland. It's time to move on from them, and there are plenty of opportunities for the crew to still get big moments in the arc. We are going to be here 150+ chapters at this rate.
There was almost no real effort in defeating them, What exactly do you expect? Compare this to former arcs, even against Cracker there was greater struggle. Things just happen.
Looks more like he doing the shs fights first
Tbh, I think is like this:

- F6: ~low priority. Most of them were introduced in Act 3. Best to get them down first and give some Strawhats the fights they need.

- Orochi and Big Mom's "#2's": Fukurokuju and Perospero functionally have bigger roles to play as characters than the F6 did. So it's clear why they aren't down just yet comparatively.

- Supernova/Calamities: Not sure whos exactly more relevant yet but between Apoo/Drake/Hawkins/Killer, 4 supernova who've been in the story for 500 chapters, and Jack/Queen/King vs Inu/Sanji/Zoro, 3 opponents who are highly relevant to the arc and winning the battles, either will be addressed first.

- Orochi/Big Mom/Kaido: Primary arc antagonists, should be taken out last.

I think this chapter served as set up for Zoro to get to King but does not mean we will see it just yet. Its like how Franky started fighting Sasaki back in 996 but we didn't really see much of it till 1004. Or how Robin saved Sanji in 1005 but we got none of it till 1020. Same with Sanji getting to Queen in 1015, but still transitioning to that fight this chapter.

Now we have Zoro and who knows what happens with Inu/Jack if Oda decides to set up something else there too. It may take ~5-8 chapters to address other shit before coming back to finish the calamities.

Beyond all that you have weird shit like Numbers or possibly some other Big Mom Pirstes if Oda intends to finish them here.
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