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Still can't believe that Base Sanji went through all of this

We have to remember that Sanji did not catch a break for this whole raid. He :

- Escorted Luffy through multiple floors one shoting Headliners left and right so that Luffy can save his stamina for his fight
- Let BM spam her strongest attacks on him without even using CoA to protect himself out of fear of harming her
- Kept on runing through Onigashima fighting the army of gifters until he caught Law and Zoro
- Bandaged up Zoro and then ran back down from the highest floors with him on his back, while protecting him from the army of gifters
- Saved Chopper and the Samurai from Queen and Perospero
- Fought Hybrid Queen in base for the full extent on Jimbe and Frankys fights while protecting Zoro and his medical squad
- Fought both Hybrid Queen and King for a period of time and Perospero still thought his assistance is required to try to keep Sanji down

And the best Hybrid Queen and King combo can do is replicate what happened to King when Marco attacked him

Except Base Sanji got back up faster and jumped back in Hybrid Queen's face blitzing his ass and having him spit blood with a regular kick

With Perospero feeling the need to take cheap shots at him from a safe distance while Sanji is fighting Hybrid Queen in base

And this is nerfed tired Sanji who spent himself so that others can start their fights fresh, or to protect them through the whole raid :crazwhat:

Post Wano fresh Sanji with the RS is too strong :crazwhat:
Fire doesn't buen mochi, Kata used fire in one of his attacks and also stop red hawk, this isn't rela life
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He can try, he won't touch him in a 1v1
Katakuri literally said he has trouble with long fights.

If you think he can defeat two characters significantly stronger than base Luffy (who ate Kata’s attacks for 11 hours) that BOTH have higher bounties than him, in under 2 hours, you’re an idiot.

Third floor : Killer vs Hawkins

Killer : You! how many decoys do you still have ?
Hawkins : There is only one. it's not good ...

Killer : I pity that life!

Hawkins : oh i forgot! the thing is ... whose life are you pitying ?
Killer : ???

Second floor : Law/Kidd vs Big Mom
Law : Hoi what happened ? Eustassia ?
Kidd : Gya!
Kidd : What is happening ? Suddenly i have a stabbing wound!

Killer : Impossible, don't tell me the remaining doll is ...
Hawkins : ...

Hawkins : It would have been fun to let you kill kidd by your hands without knowing it but .... seeing you now without any solution, is really interesting too ...
Hawkins : When you will kill me, you will also kill your captain.
Hawkins : Come, entertain me!
Killer : FAFAFAFA! Fine i will give you some entertainment.
Looks like kidd collapsed
Hawkins a bitch
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Memes fucking going elbaf ain't she ffs
Complete falsehoods. This has to be one of the worst ways for power scalers to cope.

"it's not because I'm wrong but Oda can make X strong/ weak whenever he likes"

Zoro and Sanji haven't shown any inconsistent feats to even support such a claim
- A Luffy who hasn't even learnt basic CoO could dodge Mihawk's slashes in Marineford.
- Sengoku's punch not outright killing Luffy.
- Mr 1 standing up after a Mihawk slice.
- Ace not fodder stomping Smoker in Alabasta.
- When Kanjuro escaped with Momo, any one of the people present there could easily stop. Hell, Law could've effortlessly shambled him, lol.

Oda cares about the narrative much more than actual power levels. That's just facts.
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