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Lol non of what you mentioned are inconsistent showings.

> What made you think Sengoku's punch could kill Luffy when Kizaru's kick couldn't kill Luffy?
> What made you think M1 couldn't block a slash from Mihawk when manga has stated that a swordsman must choose to cut something?
> What made you think Ace could when Ace stated that a fight between smoke and fire would be useless?
> This is not a powerscaling feat because there was no battle.

Powerscaling is down to knowledge of the material. Oda cares about narrative just as much as the power structures established. He can't magically make Nami block Hakai because "narrative"
You guys do realize the Ace-Smoker fire/smoke thing is anime only right?

In the manga Ace just puts up a firewall and says “you can’t beat me.”
Luffy thought he was "invincible". That's what happens when you have no tools to deal with Future Sight.

What's special about King? His gimp suit?

???? He didn't USE his Raid Suit. That's like saying Zoro kicking Dellinger in the ass, is him using his swords because he had a sword in hand.
Fs is useless against aoe
King burns him to a crisp
And I countered them. It's quite simple, you are just failing to understand. The fact that Luffy won again those characters by nerfs and boosts means in powerscaling, Luffy wouldn't be above those characters.

You expected them to not be defeated so take that nonsense elsewhere. Don't go blaming narrative and plot for your faulty powerscaling
Geo, bro, learn to read my comments. My whole point was that plot deemed it to have Luffy surpass those characters. It's powerscaling by plot because at the end of the day, Luffy wins in those matchups. It does not matter about circumstances. What Oda writes signifies by virtue that Luffy is stronger than those characters. Luffy's literal last words to Crocodile: "I WILL surpass you"

And honestly, shut the fuck up about the flying six. You have zero idea of what you are talking about. Why I thought SOME of the flying 6 weren't down had NOTHING to do with powerscaling. It had nothing to do with me thinking they were strong vs strawhats. It HAD to do with transitional scenes on the page.

Don't be an idiot and put words in my mouth, then proceed to act like you won an argument based on comments I never made. You are embarrassing yourself
Imagine calling a guy with Future Sight, CoC, awakening, tough CoA hardening, who's undefeated for 50 years a "gimmick" fighter.

This is either retardation or blind Zoro fanboyism.
He had all that and could not put down a defenseless Luffy that was playing catch up for majority of that fight. His CoC was not advanced enough to help him in fights his CoA hardening was easily matched by Luffy in G4 the only decent ability is his fs which can easily be countered as well if you can outlast him which King would easily pull off for example.
What if Law realizes what is going on and amputates Kidd?It would render the doll useless!
A possibility, but doubt it. Killer is supposed to take care of it.

actually hawkins's victims die when someone actually destroy the dolls. we always saw his dolls being taking out after one slash/wound so i thought that you just need to touch them once but i guess hawkins DF is way more OP if you actually need to kill the people. If his dolls can tank well so by default hawkins can tank well as long the people don't die.
If hawkins has kaido's doll, he can tank anything :nicagesmile:
Oda should adress this...
Nice ignoring Luffy dodging Mihawk's attacks without basic CoO.
It was an oversight. People can still dodge attacks with their reaction speed. COO is not a necessity for dodging attacks

Both are inconsistent knowing how powerful the admirals are. Kaido negged and made a Luffy unconscious who was absurdly more powerful and than Marineford Luffy.
They are not inconsistent with anything shown preskip. When was balloon Luffy ever knocked out during preskip?
Kaido v Luffy is post skip. Even then Kaido negged Luffy with a named attack

Set aside the devil fruit. Ace literally had haki which Smoker didn't, lol. He could've negged him.
How do you know Smoker didn't?
For me :

Marco is superior to Katakuri with a low differences

King is inferior

Because Marco and Katakuri are really
We haven't seen enough of King to imply anything!
Killer's gonna use this as an excuse to kill Kidd. Dude's done nothing but lead Killer into one shitty place to another all time skip.
They are childhood friends why would Killer kill his captain?
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