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He had all that and could not put down a defenseless Luffy that was playing catch up for majority of that fight. His CoC was not advanced enough to help him in fights his CoA hardening was easily matched by Luffy in G4 the only decent ability is his fs which can easily be countered as well if you can outlast him which King would easily pull off for example.
G4 Luffy ragdolled Kaido who was powerless against him while the G4 stamina remained.
Big Mom was shocked to her core and Kidd's balls retracted up into his stomach seeing the potency.

Luffy the future pirate king has far more willpower and tenacity than King the subordinate.
Why was Katakuri called invincible and risen above everyone else, whereas King is not?


The Rogue Prince
Are people really comparing ace who had mera mera powers with king doing a casual attack?
ace was using his strongest attack while king hasnt even gotten serious yet.
he was casually throwing an attack which needed marco to block it using a named attack.

people really outing themselves as clowns now when they compare ace's fire to king's.
Geo, bro, learn to read my comments. My whole point was that plot deemed it to have Luffy surpass those characters. It's powerscaling by plot because at the end of the day, Luffy wins in those matchups. It does not matter about circumstances. What Oda writes signifies by virtue that Luffy is stronger than those characters. Luffy's literal last words to Crocodile: "I WILL surpass you"

And honestly, shut the fuck up about the flying six. You have zero idea of what you are talking about. Why I thought SOME of the flying 6 weren't down had NOTHING to do with powerscaling. It had nothing to do with me thinking they were strong vs strawhats. It HAD to do with transitional scenes on the page.

Don't be an idiot and put words in my mouth, then proceed to act like you won an argument based on comments I never made. You are embarrassing yourself
Yet you fail to read mine. Luffy never surpassed them in the first place that is the point. That is the reason Oda employs nerfs and boosts in the first place because Luffy is not stronger than those characters.

Miss me with that nonsense. Blaming Oda for your faulty prediction is just poor coping.

Resulting adhominem won't change the facts presented. Blaming Oda for ones powerscaling inconsistencies is pathetic coping.
Quite funny that you didn't even address your own G4 claim about Luffy being able to escape
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