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ace was using his strongest attack while king hasnt even gotten serious yet.
he was casually throwing an attack which needed marco to block it using a named attack.

people really outing themselves as clowns now when they compare ace's fire to king's.
We'll see some insane attacks on King's part, through his swordmanship and powers. I have no doubt that they would fuck the shit out of Katakuri if they connect.


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ancient zoan as well. if zoro cuts down king without using asura then zoro quite clearly is above all the yonko commanders.
I wouldnt put zoro above benn his VC mentions he rivals shanka in strength and mihawks mentions hes waiting for someone to surpass shanks.
If zoro was above benn zoro would be ready to face the godhawk
Yet you fail to read mine. Luffy never surpassed them in the first place that is the point. That is the reason Oda employs nerfs and boosts in the first place because Luffy is not stronger than those characters.

Miss me with that nonsense. Blaming Oda for your faulty prediction is just poor coping.

Resulting adhominem won't change the facts presented. Blaming Oda for ones powerscaling inconsistencies is pathetic coping.
Quite funny that you didn't even address your own G4 claim about Luffy being able to escape

Find me a comment where I've blamed Oda for anything in this manga. Once again, saying shit I've never said. You like to do that to people here

And find the specific comments from Oda where he confirms that Luffy was more damaged from Doflamingo and Kaido, and thus couldn't move after using G4, while he could move with Katakuri.

Go ahead, I'll wait
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