Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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Just wait until Straw Hats vs Kaido!
i feel we have seen enough of kaido bullying luffy
We know luffys gonna win but it won’t hit that much considering kaido has still been fighting for hours (hopefully I’m wrong)

but zoro and sanji, when last did we see them together and this is gonna be their first high/extreme singular fight post time skip
Wtf is Peri speaking here about???
They literally had a plan to kill Sanji, he was never about to marry Pudding, wtf he talking, did he forget the plot back then in Wci arc??
Sounds more like he is mocking Sanji. Had SanjixPudding's marriage gone according to plan, the BM pirates really wouldn't jave allied with the BP.
Hawkins : When you will kill me, you will also kill your captain.
Hawkins : Come, entertain me!
Killer : FAFAFAFA! Fine i will give you some entertainment.
Seems like Killer already figured out how to counter Hawkins as expected from a genius like him
Lol I'm telling you he's gonna just cut Hawkins's arm off (it won't cut his arm off for real but should release Kids doll). That shouldn't affect Kid lol
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