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I hope for two 1vs1 fights. They wouldnt shine as much in a tag team fight.
Imo. The most we'll get is probably another transition chapter where both fights separate further. Maybe they last beyond Onigashima landing in Wano, prompting the fights to take place in other locations.

Who knows how long the calamity fights will last, these guys are supposed to be able to fight for hours assumedly.
So you're saying that Pre-TS Luffy already had enough reaction speed in Marineford to dodge one of the strongest fighters in the verse and that too from such a short distance? Lol. It's bs no matter how you look at it.
Yes when said top tier isn't completely serious. In TB , a severely injured Zoro dodged a barrage of Kuma's fast attacks. If Mihawk was going all out and was unable to hit Luffy, then you'd be right. However, that
Wasn't the case.

Kaido negged a significantly more powerful and durable Boundman Luffy with a named attack. Kizaru's kicks a significantly less durable and tired Luffy, named attack or not doesnt matter when he's fighting such a weakened Luffy.
Kaido v Luffy post skip not comparable to preskip
Luffy is rubber. His base durability hasn't changed. He is immune to blunt attacks. Sengoku's punch was a blunt hit which knocked Luffy out of G3.

Smoker was very surprised in Marineford when Hancock could hit him. He clearly didn't know about it as a captain from East Blue.
He literally said "Kuja Haki" how would he know the name if he didn't know about haki.
yeah but if their calling him lord of the flames ~ i think they'd use the kanji 王 for the lord part.

im not a japanese expert, i just did a couple of japanese courses at university but it seems to me that "キング" part refers to king's name and not "lord" since its in katakana and the name of the person in question is king.

king's original title was 火災のキング (kasai no king ~ which was translated as king the wildfire or king the conflagaration and not lord of the wildfire or lord of the conflagaration).
so similarily his new title that marco said 火炎のキング (kaen no king) should be translated as king of the flames or king of the fire.
The thing you need to understand, is the fact "King the Wildfire" is not different from "King The Flame/Fire", it adds nothing to the story or for King.
If the thing that bothers you is the fact i used Lord and not King then i will edit it and put both of them. i just thought lord has more impact, take what you want :cheers:

But here Marco specifically talked about King and his race and called them "Kings/Lords of the Flame", that's why in the following the sentence, he said "masaka sono" mean "impossible from that (tribe) ...". The context is important.
Zoro spend the rooftop protecting Luffy and saved everyone from hakai alone.

Luffy didn't tell them anything but they were about to attack which tell all could tell because Kaido and Big Mom had their weapona above their head. They were in an attack forum so they they did need for Luffy to tell them that. He didn't tell them anything about the attack. Zoro was the one who reacted first when they attacked.

You are placing to much importance in knocking Kaido down. Luffy has knocked Kaido down since he first encountered him and it has amounted to little to nothing. He could knock Kaido down 100 more times and it won't make a difference if he can't cause any significant damage to Kaido.

Zoro bested and scarred Kaido in poor condition that made Kaido start breathing heavy. Do you see the difference. More similar attacks from Zoro would put Kaido in poor condition. Luffy hasn't been able to do that yet.
Everyone was protecting everyone stop bullshitting.

Zoro got hit by Big mom's lightning then Luffy take care of Kaido if not for Luffy's attack they would be finished. Its a team battle for a reason.

Luffy said something is big coming that's more than enough for them to be ready.

Again you are bullshitting, Kaido was drunk when he fought Luffy first time we already mentioned this you really like to spread nonsense so you can get debunked easily.

Zoro himself said he wanted to ''at least knock Kaido down''

You troll: ''you are placing too much importance in knocking Kaido down''

Its not me troll, its literally Zoro.

Imagine someone taking your ultimate attack and its not even falling into the ground, its like Akainu taking the gura punch of WB but instead of falling he just stands there. That would be pathetic.

Again you are repeating the nonsense, Zoro didn't do anything significant, he just scarred Kaido then get stomped. Also Kaido is responsible from ''Zoro's poor condition'' not someone else lmao. Zoro already knew he was desperate and said their attacks are not working in chapter 1008, then said he put every strength of his in his last Asura attack and Kaido didn't even fall he continued to stomp them.

Kaido wasn't hurt at all, if he was he would at least fall.

The difference is Zoro never showed the ability to constantly use Asura. Luffy showed the ability to use CoC constantly. Until then Zoro is not even close to Luffy.

Zoro also never showed the ability to clash with Kaido's CoC like Luffy did. He just caught Kaido off guard one time, and surprised him. He isn't doing shit once Kaido starts to counter Asura with his own CoC we don't even know if Zoro can use Asura more than 2 attacks lmao.

''Bested'' Lmao right, the only thing Zoro is bested was himself, he was finished right after his own attack Kaido didn't even need to do anything, Zoro was lying on the ground.
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