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𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐮𝐢
what? I thought you would love that since you were crying about zoro vs king earlier
Go away swinger.

The numbers suffered that fate, they had a badass entrance just to get one shoted a second later.

Never thought someone felt Numbers got badass entrance. I knew they will be giant fodders since the start.
Mentioned this before but I think this is how the rest of these fights may go down:

- F6: ~low priority. Most of them were introduced in Act 3. Best to get them down first and give some Strawhats the fights they need.

- Orochi and Big Mom's "#2's": Fukurokuju and Perospero functionally have bigger roles to play as characters than the F6 did. So it's clear why they aren't down just yet comparatively.

- Supernova/Calamities: Not sure whos exactly more relevant yet but between Apoo/Drake/Hawkins/Killer, 4 supernova who've been in the story for 500 chapters, and Jack/Queen/King vs Inu/Sanji/Zoro, 3 opponents who are highly relevant to the arc and winning the battles, either will be addressed first.

- Orochi/Big Mom/Kaido: Primary arc antagonists, should be taken out last

Sprinkle the Numbers in at any point and maybe Big Mom's crew if Oda feels like it towards the end to give the crew more than just fodder fights directly/make things more desperate


You can't win
Killer : You! how many decoys do you still have ?
Hawkins : There is only one. it's not good ...
So post-rooftop weakened Killer(after fighting 2 Yonkos) bodied Hawkins entire life stock except Kid, who Hawkins uses as a hostage, and that against a Hawkins who was fighting in his monster form, all that without receiving any visible damage :Dr.Killer:

Just how strong is he? @rerere @Pantheos
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