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Weaken and poor condition Zoro bested Kaido and scarred him. Luffy has yet to do the same. When he does then you can say that Luffy, whatever gear or more he's in, is equal to Zoro.
Dude? A good right hook hurts more than a paper cut:milaugh:
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I get it zoro is sooo cool but if sanji was in zoros position zoro would call out for sanjis help 2. Zoro isnt soloing king and queen by himself and if you think he is u need help


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Yeah teleport, but the same doesnt need to count for Hawkins abilities too. The restriction could be still the defence of hawkins himself.
Impossible. It must be Haki restricted since Hawkins could basically pull this off on every Yonko.


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They're not and never have been. A deathbed Yonko put an admiral on the ground in two hits. It wasn't even a strong gura attack, as Teach casually did the same attack the second he got the fruit.

Katakuri has been training his whole life, so what? There is this thing called potential. You can train your whole life and never be close to Usain Bolt's time in the 100m. You could train your whole life and you would still get knocked out by the boxing heavyweight champ.
Bro, are you still tryna make a case for Luffy being stronger than the admirals???

"Katakuri has been training his whole life, so what?"
Sure, a top tier like Garp training Kuzan and Koby is the same as Katakuri using his siblings as target practice:milaugh:

Luffy will eventually surpass the Admirals in the near future but if you think current Luffy who keeps gassing out after few minutes can defeat an admiral, I really dno what to tell you mate:luuh:
Katakuri is good at dodging but Marco is faster and also can choke King and Queen at the same time even internally bled King.

Katakuri wouldn't die due to FS CoO but he couldn't be as effective as Marco.
Marco can do whatever it pleases him but the notion King was still likely rather fine and yet after depleting so much of his stamina is an open tell.
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