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*Sanji fan
I love how he ignores that King fought in base form and Queen was playing with Chopper then fought Sanji
How are sanji fans coping? Lmao this was a pretty great chapter for sanji, not even being koed by the combined strength of king and queen, only pushed back, folding queen who apparently was the one who somehow managed to put down Marco for a while, and now is fighting queen and king with zoro
Guys Queens offense seems piss poor minus that shitty head butt but he damn sure couldn't have climbed on top of flying Marco.

Marco was fighting King and Queen had his hands full with Sanji. Later on Marco only acknowledges King and uses a named attack, same attack he used to blocked Kizarus signature move YnK. And King isn't even using his sword or hybrid form.

If you get over your gag bullshit and look at clear feats and portrayal idk how you argue King doesn't low diff Queen

@Fleet Admiral Lee Hung @TheAncientCenturion King is arguably stronger than even Marco tho its debatable so far
How far can King + Marco combined push out of pockets Akainu?

@Fleet Admiral Lee Hung @ShishioIsBack
Did you somehow misread "both of them"? Queen needed help and even with king's help couldn't ko sanji, just push him back
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Marco was down for a moment, it was kind of obvious in this chapter,king managed to overpower Marco and sanji had to fight them in a 2v1 for a moment
LOL show me a scene of sanji fighting both king and queen other than the panel that is inside your headcannon
Is this with or without the sword Izo knocked off his hand?
Wasn't Vito blocking Katatrash's attack?
Stop being intellectually dishonest.
You wanna hold an off guard king getting his sword taken off against Kaido?

Likes of Raizo were running circles around on guard Kaido.
Scabbards combined charge that sent Kaido flying didn't even phase king who was standing right there, Kata trash would have died right there.
Have some intellectually honesty, King low or mid diffs Katakuri at worst.
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