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you don’t want to see the feats and don’t read my arguments, it doesn’t mean there are not there.
Okay, I’ll humor you. Let’s say Kid has feats that even matter. Are they better than Luffy or Zoro’s though? Are they even equal?

i mean there’s literally a case for Kid doing as much or even less than killer but whatever

Can you actually say Kid was as relevant as luffy or Zoro?


Heavy Metal
bro i was trolling along with that guy and he knows it XD i was just using his logic against him. im not downplaying kid lol i clearly have him among my top 3 supernova.
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then i am sorry!
i just been used to have this arguments on a daily basis. I get even PMs where they claim these things. Out of nowhere, from people I never interacted with.
I said "usually" especially at this moment, it feels too quick for a leaked "photo" and now we got a 1 week break but already not just a skecth. just concern as if it was a perfectly fanart or smth.
3 weeks ago we got 1 pic from Robin(the one talking about Sanji being the wings). We were on break that week and still got the pic. The same goes when we were in the golden week and we got the pic of Queen saying he wanted to kill a tobi roppou 1 year ago.

This leaker has a source that has early access to the chapter.
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