Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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Lets say Zoro now beats King and then kills Kaido and then survives double the pain of all the damage he took.

He's literally Gary stu and that's not good writing either.

Not to mention why couldn't Marco hold King back when he could hold back both King and Queen at one point.

Literally nothing is making sense bros.
oda shoulda had Zoro go straight to Kaido
Or maybe he beats King and doesn't kill Kaido. :kayneshrug:
If Sanji fights an Admiral EOS, sorry admiral boys, Yonko > Admirals

We shoulda known when Aokiji joined Blackbeard and three admirals had to fight Old Beard. And just shanks and his crew was enough to shut down the war
Ryokugyu is womanizer that starves himself (the perfect opponent for Sanji), and Fujitora is a blind swordsman with advanced observation (the perfect opponent for Zoro).

What’s more is that Fujitora and Ryokugyu have a similar dynamic to King/Queen, Mr.1/Mr.2, etc.
Believing that side character (unless youre next main villian such as BB) would kill main villian of an arc is your biggest downfall tho
Hence why a side character can't kill Kaido so Zoro the main character had to kill him

Ask Oda to draw three main characters, he will draw Luffy Zoro and Nami. Do you even know what a side character is?
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