Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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At least you’re honest. :kayneshrug:

Why do you hate him though?
He risked Dressrosa's citizens lives, he let Luffy, Law and Sabo escape and he didn't help Doflamingo, the man who was holding the reins of the world. He had the power and the perfect scenario to stop everything and he didn't.
He is not going to cause the end of the world just because the strawhats are good, so they are not going to use the ancient weapons for the sake of evil, and plot will favour them enough against Kaido and Big Mom :kayneshrug:
I was thinking that if the next few chapters shows Jack beating Inu, maybe Jack heads back to the performance floor with the other 2 Calamities.

At some point we get a double spread with all 3 in their hybrids. Zoro/Sanji can't deal with the distractions of a 3rd calamitiy, so on in a case like this maybe 1 of 2 things happens:

- Chopper, who is really weird atm, gets a new form strong enough to handle a recovering Jack.

- Chopper handles someone else and Yamato, being on the roof, is told by Luffy to eventually leave and jump back down through the hole to the performance floor, giving her a grand entrance to offset Jack.

Game for either, but if the F6 truly do get up/recover and every strawhat is fighting them/distracted, on top of the fact that every BP member is being handled thus far by Luffy's crew outside of Jack, then I think its possible. If thats the case, then it would be Chopper or (tentatively) Yamato.

Maybe Queen does have a 3rd virus and he specifically uses it on Drake (after he beats Apoo), prompting Chopper to handle that issue? Honestly, dumb ideas for now, but it's kind of a cool way to have everybody fight a Beast Pirate from now until the end.

Gotta see how Inu vs Jack is handled first.
I really hope Oda has Chopper turn the Ice Oni into a powerup. The Ice Oni virus makes you stronger, but you die in 1 hour. Chopper has the antidote, so he can inject himself with the Ice Oni to get a 1 hour power up, and all he has to do is make sure he gives himself the antidote before an hour passes. It would fit Chopper’s fighting style of using a lot of transformations, as well as using his medical skills to his advantage, and Chopper could even stack it on top of his other forms. Ice Oni Monster Chopper would be pretty strong. Add this on top of his time limit extension of Monster Point and hopefully a CoA powerup (it won’t happen though most likely), and Chopper could potentially fight a weakened, post-Inu Jack. However, if Jack has an Awakening form, Chopper would need CoA or his own Awakening to stand a chance
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