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The Soul King
One Piece - Chapter 1023
Title: As alike as two peas in a pod

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This chapter was absolutely jam packed. Lore Piece at it's finest.

-First we find out King's race/tribe name (Lunaria could be somehow related to the Moon, Whitebeard probably heard about the "country of gods" from Rocks and could that someh9w be related to the God-Valley)

-Zoro's backstory. (Seems like he will have a lineage connected from the Shimotuki clan (Ushimaru and Ryuma)

-Sanji's ability to create fire (What if his Lineage Factor is awakening and Judge was able to take a DNA from someone in King's race (Lunaria) and was able to put it into Sanji, that's why he is able to create fire now)

Also we get Sulong Nekomamushi + Inuarashi) + Hybrid Jack also.

And we finally end the chapter with adult dragon Momonouske who looks pretty intimidating
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