What will happen till end of Wano?

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Ok, I understand, you are talking based on your expectations and assumptions.

Luffy must retire if this is the case.
What a shitty MC, cant even beat his main opponent in an arc. Alas.
Kaidos dying. Cry more
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This is turning into Naruto Shippuden straight away :cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme:
Sanji is the sakura
His feats against Younko are Scabbard level feats, im not sure if all the Scabbards are YC level
Well he no sold Big Moms indra that one shot judge and would one shot any scabbard

He casually dodged and deflected wind Scythes that scabbards couldn't even react to

Kaido in base soloed 9 scabbards

Killer was taking hits from hybrid Kaido and Big Mom off panel

He also took an attack from here

Much better feats than scabbards
Changing Judge's mind about modifying humans has to be done through an ideological effort, not because of an end result that has to do with strength.

I don't know if you took the time to take a step back and look at what you are saying, but you are basically arguing that Judge needs to be proven that modifying humans is not the most efficient way to make them strong.

How the fuck does that prove him that the idea of modifying humans in itself is wrong :kaidowhat:

You are just making it about efficiency.

You are saying :

"Judge would have been right to modify his kids if they were stronger becasue of their modifications, so we must prove him that they are weaker and that's what makes it wrong"

You are doing jack shit to touch on the morality of Judge's actions and prove him wrong on that front :milaugh:
Let's agree to disagree.


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Then Zoro is doing cheap weak imitation of Enma as he didn't do much after attack King and Queen. Man, you guys thinking Sanji is not harming that is on that copium especially debunked in previous chapter as 'ZKK' being debunked :kayneshrug:,

Nope, DJ >>> King >>> Enma.

This one he was born on as not really as much as Zoro got power up due to taking another sword that isn't his and didn't do much to YCs :suresure:.
DJ > King?

Did you even read the spoilers? :choppawhat:
-There will be a great event (supremacy)will happen to Sanji even Zoro’s fans will be Sanji’s fans after that event
-Sanji will maintain the balance of the world
-Sanji will fusion with a mythical fiery bird* not obeying orders

*by obtaining new fruit / new suit depends on the translation

When u realise it's the otheway around :saden:
ZKK confirmed, Phoenix Sanji confirmed. Yamato not breaking the M3 confirmed, Yamato nakama confirmed.

Now the only thing to confirm Is Sanji being a Conqueror
Fuck Luffy , he's the character with the most Plot convinience BS in the history of manga, instead Zoro :
- gets ganged by Killer and Gyukimaru
- gets ganged by Kaido and Big mom
Zoro >>>>> Luffy
Backlash is only there for zoro to power through
you know it is double the pain of what zoro has got before medicine....how much do you think he can power through....if you think whatever Zoro got before medicine was insignificant, then I have nothing to say....I mean you people call it bullshit/plot armor blah blah, had Oda done such thing to other characters....and no matter how you look, Kaido will not be done in 15 minutes....
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