What will happen till end of Wano?

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You're a moron. Doflamingo was eating Gamma Knives, Injection Shots, Countershocks, Boundman attacks, and was put down with KKG.

Sanji has nothing on KKG's level that can split an island if it lands directly on land.
You're smoking crack if you think dressrosa version of luffy is splitting the island in a hit or even 20


Momo might be as big as Kaido imagine how the CP0 react when they see him lol. since they said: "oh thanks god it was only a failure"
Are you saying Luffy won't have the strongest attack in One Piece? How do you take down the strongest living being in One Piece?
nobody's doubting whether luffy will eventually have the strongest attack in one piece LMAO

but literally no one, except you ofcourse cause doflamingo wank, thinks that Hakkai < Dressrosa KKG
By ganking him after he’s fought 9 sccabrd, 5 supernovas, and been betrayed by Big Mom. Toki’s prophecy about 9 shadows defeating Kaido hasn’t come true yet, so the final gank might be a 9v1 as well.
Yeah, it's not a one hit KO, but the finisher is clearly the strongest and most overwhelming attack. There is no other way to put down Kaido.

Isn’t Thriller Bark a ship?
It was an island in the west blue, that was converted into a ship.
He also has an inferior fighting style

If Meme and Kaido fired Hakai over DR now there would be a new island erased from the map after Ohara and God Valley :suresure:
You're fucking joking right? You realize the doors are still intact from when they came in?

Compare that to

He went through Spider's Web (which easily blocked G3/Takt), Doffy's ultimate attack, KOed him, and used DOFFY'S BODY to split a chunk off the city in the air.
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