What will happen till end of Wano?

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>Zoro and Sanji face King and Queen together.
>Sanji: I'm wearing the Raid Suit for the second time here already and my body is just-
>Zoro: Don't drag me down then.
>Sanji: I'm not saying I'm feeling bad, it's just "strange".
>The fire on Sanji's leg seemingly becomes bigger.
>Queen laughs: You must be one of Germa's Cyborgs!! That leg is mechanical and can burn if you want it to, huh!?
>Sanji: I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm 100% human. ("I" is said with a term that translates to "The great me", odd for Sanji.)
>Queen: Regular humans can produce fire now? No, don't tell me you're also part of the Lunaria clan.
>King stares at Queen: ...
Les go~!!!!!!!!!!!:steef:
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