What will happen till end of Wano?

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Queen: A human burning!? Don't be stupid!! It's not like you're from the Lunalia tribe!!
King: ....
Sanji: It's possible with my passion...!! My passion will exceed even the temperature of flames/fire!!
Sanji: Sea beast meals are my speciality!! Damn Dinosaur Bastard!!
@Bango🍅 or @PuckTheGreat what should one make of what sanji's saying in this context
is it that sanji's flames are a biproduct of his passion that could exceed the temperatures of his flames?
it doesn't matter that you are fighting head on when your opponent has a wierd ability, for example Fujitora caught Zoro off guard with his Gravity , or Kaido was caught off guard by Kinemon Fire cutting ability and Raizo Ninja scroll, or Sanji getting caught off guard by parasite. Eat the fat L
And all your example still didnt showed that zoro COO is better than sanji
Zoro doesn’t need to improve his swordsmanship in his main fight of the arc as along as he does improve in the arc as whole it’s settled. And guess what Zoro did due to learning Kin’s flame cutting technique.
In fact, he does.
His dream is to become the WSS, his role is to be a combattant therefore his development towards his dream should be during his fights. Which is why the Mr.1 and the Braham fights made sense even tho they are not a swordsmen.

But if the fights in themself do not help him towards his dream why is he a combattant? He should have another role in the crew and just fight time to time like the other strawhats.

We did not even see how he mastered this ability. You have a whole arc in the land of the samurai and Zoro did not learn anything from them apart cutting fire which he done off-screen and it is somewhat good?
Panels are super. Zoro really did stop King with just his neck muscles.
Zoro says he can't afford to lose to King similar to when he was fighting Apoo. Is Oda hinting at a quick battle?

Ryuma was a one eyed swordsman, which means we will get an explanation of how Zoro lost his.:steef:

Zoro saved Sanji from getting blitzed by King...shows his superior COO and reaction feats
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