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The Soul King
One Piece - Chapter 1024
Title: Nobody Important

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Damn good chapter

Good to see Oda show come feats to Big Mom finally, Big Mom's kings haki is nasty holy shit.

Does this foreshadow that Usopp might be getting King's haki soon, maybe in Elbaf?

Yamato: I want to be a samurai: Kaido: Hell's no put 's her in a cave filled with samurai's. Yamato: This works fine for me the jokes on you

(Shimuotsuki Ushimaru importance just went from 0-100 in 2 chapters lol) (Now i really want Yamato + Zoro to meet soon)

Seems like all the strawhats will be gathering in the Live floor to enjoy the Sani+Zoro greatness

That last panel looked absolutely dope it's pretty cool too see her holding her own against hybrid Kaido. (First time since 2019 we are getting 4 ch in a row without a break.)
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