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Because Oden's theme always has been that he doesn't want to burden people with his issues. It fits
Orochi was literally the perfect foil for him, bolstered by Kaido.

Some colored pages.
kaido,kid wamato and samurai

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That's why man is very prepared for everything.:crazwhat:
Someone in the spoiler thread was talking about how he was dumb for letting them have weapons. No, he would simply beat their asses and kill them if they resisted. Same with putting Luffy in Udon.

@CbShadow also brought up how they waited to break out. I mean they held out but they also had to know that without Oden and the Scabbards it was suicide.

And thanks for the colors!
Usopp lol:leohah:
Let's see, he'll gather these 8.000 followers by eos!

But most importantly

I'm liking her more and more.
The award for worst dad of the century goes to Crydo, King of the 1000 hostages. He's the worst dad ever. A ruthless, powerhungry bastard who tried to kill his own kid how many times? I counted at least 3. Here , then with the explosive handcuffs and in the present time fight.

I love how Kaido wants the samurai to fight some kind of battle royale over that rice bowl and throws them their weapons lol. What an idiot.
They just use them to escape:gokulaugh:

This chapter basically confirms Shimotsuki Zoro.:zosmug: "NoOne iMpOrTanT" lol come on Oda, no point in teasing us even further.
Oda uses the same drawing templates for Ushimaru as he does for Zoro with only some slight changes around the nose.
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Awful, I'll never read this chapter again!
Do you have any taste?

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