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Sanji poisons Zoro
Sanji beats the shit out of Luffy
Sanji gives shit food to Usopp and Chopper
Sanji gropes Namis body
Sanji exposes Robin to Cipher Pol and Viscious NW Pirates
Sanji tells Brook off
Sanji tells Jinbei to kill himself

This is the guy you stan?
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You do realize that sanji would agree with that meme right? Lmao, in one piece sanji is the biggest sanji hater, he doesn't hide it and you guys are actually following his logic now
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Oh yeah, my bad, I forgot half that arc, still he would've never done anything to Nami if he wasn't in her body, no pun intended, he had the opportunity to grope her at thriller bark when she was drugged, but he didn't do any shit like that, he actually took a knife to the chest so she wouldn't have any blood on her

I guess with the whole body switch it's technically sanji's body at the moment

But anyways, luffy actually gropped Nami while she's in her body, and luffy is canonicaly capable of being attracted to women, he's just not overly attracted

And him, usopp and even chopper (yeah I know that's weird) spied on nami and vivi in alabasta

So I guess all op characters have flaws, which is logical since they are pirates
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lol that makes no sense if anything ushimaru is greeen bull since ushi means bull and he had a green bull on his outfit
You dude, Greenbull was introduced as a some kind of MONK, and now Oda make one of these 3 samurai to wear a necklace like monks do... Bitch, please.

Look also at both shape face... Same style.

Some small details who Oda likes to "hide".

Ushimaru is dead.


Mate, monks are forbidden from thirsting over women and having sex, Urouge does both and is still considered a monk in one piece, a mad one, but still a monk

Green bull being zoro's father or someone from wano is just a theory, but an interesting one in my opinion
besides urouge is called the MAD monk because he's clearly not a true monk
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