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I don't know but I have a feeling that Ushimaru knew Dragon. Maybe Dragon took Zoro to Eastblue.

Look at the following panel

Dragon the worst criminal in the world who is renowned around the globe is getting supplies in Shimotsuki village. Furthermore he was a away quite a time just like Ivankov said.

So he was visiting someone, talking to someone. Maybe to Koshiro.

Think about it, everything is tied to Wano, Kozuki Clan, Void century etc etc. There is 0 chance that Dragon knew nothing about the importance of Wano and Oden who travelled with Roger.

Dragon who wants to know about the True History has the visit this place. There's no doubt that Dragon visited Wano.

Knowing Oda, a Panel with Dragons ship and Zoro, that's no coincidence. There is a link between Dragon, Wano and the Shimotsuki Clan especially Zoro and Ushimaru. Fate.

One Piece is all about Fate it was Fate that Luffys and Dragons Father met each other. Bad it is fate that Zoro is Luffys Vice captain.

This reminds at Rogers words to Grap, to take care of Ace.

Add to that Dragons tattoo looks like the symbols on Ryumas Kimono.

I need you all, I need the power of swarm intelligence. What do you guys thinks. Is there a connection?

A certain section in the Eastblue. No we have a certain someone: Ushimaru.

They even talk about food in the Panel. Food is a big Theme in the Wano arc.

Look at the symbolism of the Half moon. Reminds me of what Yuderon the Japanese Youtuber said.
This is a good theory, but Zoro was born in the Shimotsuki village, right? And he is 21, whereas the Yamato flashback was in Wano and it was 20 years ago. So at the time Zoro was a 1-year old. It would not have been possible for Dragon to take Zoro to East Blue if he had already been born there in the first place.

I like this theory, but I feel like we're missing several pieces of the puzzle here.
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great chapter
the croc smile that usopp sitting on, I feel sorry for him
the croc head itself looks heavy, Usopp again with his Big Brain moment
we got some flashback for Yamato, kinda wish we would learn the name of those other samurais aside from Ushimaru, maybe in the next chapter Oda would put more flashback since this one is too brief, idk, I just wish in the end, oda would make the battle into well at least 3 on 1 (Kaido vs Luffy, Yamato and Dragon Momo) instead of just 1 v 1 luffy vs kaido
come on Oda, please, enough with the princess in distress shit, Yamato is strong as hell unlike Vivi and Rebecca, she even got CoC
She should be fighting alongside not watching from the side so please make her do that
some plot twist like Marco and Izo arrived at the top, Teach's crew arriving in wano or Shanks or BM useless childrens, or even Urouge fell from the sky and start trying to beat up Kaido would be great as well
This is a good theory, but Zoro was born in the Shimotsuki village, right? And he is 21, whereas the Yamato flashback was in Wano and it was 20 years ago. So at the time Zoro was a 1-year old. It would not have been possible for Dragon to take Zoro to East Blue if he had already been born there in the first place.

I like this theory, but I feel like we're missing several pieces of the puzzle here.
Hold on bro, there is not a single mention of Zoro being born in Shimotsuki village, not a single canon mention in the Manga till.

We basically don't know were Zoro was born. That's the status quo
Damn good chapter

Good to see Oda show come feats to Big Mom finally, Big Mom's kings haki is nasty holy shit.

Does this foreshadow that Usopp might be getting King's haki soon, maybe in Elbaf?

Yamato: I want to be a samurai: Kaido: Hell's no put 's her in a cave filled with samurai's. Yamato: This works fine for me the jokes on you

(Shimuotsuki Ushimaru importance just went from 0-100 in 2 chapters lol) (Now i really want Yamato + Zoro to meet soon)

Seems like all the strawhats will be gathering in the Live floor to enjoy the Sani+Zoro greatness

That last panel looked absolutely dope it's pretty cool too see her holding her own against hybrid Kaido. (First time since 2019 we are getting 4 ch in a row without a break.)
The whole thing with usopp CoC is a foreshadowing of sanji's conqueror's haki awakening!
Trust me!

Zoro D Goat


It's that time again when da Goat finally posting his daily chapter analysis.

But first, gonna hand out some L's as usual.

"Sanji won't solo a Calamity."


"Zoro's dad is a badass samurai while Sanji's father is a pathetic crybaby."

First of all, Sanji's daddy is Zeff. Judge might be Sanji's father but he ain't his real daddy.

Second, Judge conquered the North Blue for himself while Ushimaru can't take back Wano even in stealth with his allies.

"Yamato doesn't have Advanced Conqueror's Haki."

With that being said, let's jump into it.:jordanmf:

The Shounen cover page was cool. Monster Trio for the win!!!:lumazed::zosmug::stealthblack:

The cover spread looks dope.

Usopp's lies about Conqueror's Haki at it again.:usosmug:Which means that Kidd and Law forced Big Mom to use CoC?:usoprice::kidsmile::lawbepo:

Franky and Law's crew fighting against Beast Pirates fodders.....:fransuper:

Brook carrying Robin was cool. Nice callback to Strong World movie.:brootea::robinsweat:

Kidd Pirates putting on some work. Jinbei, Kawamatsu and the Yakuza samurais is there to keep things in check.

Kaido and Yamato exchange blows to blows.

Baby Yamato so Kawaii~~~:amazing::catblush:

The Samurai looks dope.

"I'm nobody important"

Hmmm, there's something going on here.:bamathink:

Oden's journal got revealed. Maybe the hint for the One Piece is there?:quest:

Shirtless Ushimaru
Zoro's father confirmed.

Last but not least, #Yamato4Nakama!!!

Great chapter.

You mean his real name is Zoro D. Goat? :kobeha::myman:
The shackles aren't sea stone
Luffy used haki to break them luffy couldn't use haki with sea stone on
The chains were seastone
That just doesnt make any sense at all if only the chain is the seastone.bcause the point of kaido put stuff to yamato is for restraint her power.the chain itself doesnt have directly contact to her.on contrary the cuff does.
Luffy could use adv coa to cover himself with haki at the same time use penetrating coa to crush the object.
  • The samurai feeding Yamato, Tama feeding Luffy(then Luffy returning the favor), Ace feeding the villagers, Tama and the others feeding Big Mom, Sanji feeding O-Toko, Caribou feeding Luffy, etc. Wano the land of starvation is the perfect setting for Oda to draw endless scenes of people showing gratitude over food.
  • Just realized Yamato unleashed her bagua in both the anime and manga this week. Another point for Oda.:goyea:

  • Yamato has seen all of the Strawhat bounty posters as she immediately nabbed Luffy and confused Franky with the General. Curious to see her reaction to Zoro given he's Ushimaru with a dye job.

  • Has Viz/Mangaplus always been slapping ugly color logos on chapters without a cover page? How garish.
New Kid pirates! :bignews:Big guy and the little gremlin biting someone are framed with Heat spiting fire in the back. Man mountain throwing an invisible punch and what is probably a female with high heels and braided hair chewing on my guy both look like potentially interesting fighters, but I'm going to guess they are regular fodder. Considering Oda hasn't given us a group shot of the Kid pirates unlike Law's crew, not even their total number as the Grand Fleet crews, I have to enjoy the little drips.

Thought provoking to see the Beast Pirates themselves change how they reference Yamato over time. At the beginning of the "I'm Oden" shenanigans, Yamato is still called Ogre/Oni Princess, meaning Kaido and the grunts probably maintained a female designation for at least the first 8 years. So when did this become son of Kaido?

I can only think it was Kaido himself who grew to like the idea that Yamato, his first born and only child, was actually his son. The alternative is that after a decade of struggle, Yamato got Kaido and the others to acknowledge her as the son of Kaido. That sounds very unlikely as Yamato behaves completely erratic and hostile towards Kaido and the crew, as if she has gotten zero concessions (apart from staying alive) and remained unable to influence or communicate with them at all. We see it this very chapter as Kaido doesn't even answer Yamato's questions.

Kaido and Oden are the same age (or at least 20 years ago). The insider who wanted to leave Wano and the outsider desiring the rich land as his main home. Their first borns Momo and Yamato were born on the same year. It is the Shogun's first born male son who inherits the throne in Japanese tradition and what Wano likely follows. Because Kaido has not rejected everything Wano culture has to offer but kept pieces alive here and there, he insists on maintaining the throne of Shogun and for Yamato to inherit it. Therefore, somewhere along the 20 year gap, Yamato becomes Kaido's first born son and any Beast Pirate who has problem with that must take it upstairs.

Gotta love the fearsome shot of Usopp making an entrance on top of a big gator, followed by this hind shot of a wobbly Gifter freak who cannot possibly balance his giant scaly head along with Usopp. At least he doesn't have a neck that will hurt tomorrow morning.

Hopefully the Yamato flashback continues now that we just started. Seeing Yamato get a bonding experience with samurai and inherting their wills is the characterization I crave for. Not too fond that everything still revolves around Oden, but Yamato becoming Oden before even cracking open the holy book is good to know. There is another side of Yamato that ate a mythical Zoan, never picked up samurai blades and uses a club like Kaido, and I wonder if it will be used to sow the seeds for what post-Wano post-Oden Yamato will look like.
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The vivre card is most likely wrong. Just like with the age of Hitetsu. (Even though they fixed that )

Leaving aside Luffy touching it from outside ,how the fuck could she learn to use Haki and especially Adding CoC to her attakcs if even the slightest amount of seastone blocks you from using it according to Luffy?

She also damaged Ace,so she was able to use haki. It isn't a case of her learning haki before she ate the fruit,which would also be bonkers if she ate it around this chapter's flashback age.
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