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I really though it had do something with Zoro using adv CoA or something, since the chapter was linked to it.
So far the blue flames hints(diamond) aren´t revealed yet too and the Kitetsu hint also didn´t appear yet, we really need the full summary for more context.

Why Prma hype Zoro this much and say King should run away also need to be answered...
Idk why he hyped Zoro so much

I hope that we will have more context once we get more spoilers

Or he just trolled us lmao
Nice! Yamato flashback incoming! “Onihime” is a pretty cool moniker for someone to have. Also pretty dope that Yamato used CoC to knock out some of Kaido’s subordinates as a kid. Looks like we have our third CoC user in the Straw Hat crew now. This chapter looks really good, and definitely want to see the part of the colorspread that comes along with it.
Although she's female, Yamato can still wish to become a boy for whatever reason. Maybe she is a more stronger version of Kuina. Kuina was jealous of boys but slowly accepted her gender role and Yamato is fighting against her role as a woman instead by becoming a man.

Zoro will be reminded of Kuina when he sees Yamato and he will convince her that it's okay to be a woman.

ZKK confirmed let's goooo
At least there's no break next week!

I am also thinking that Yamato's backstory will also tie into Zoro's backstory. I just wish it didn't have to happen right in the middle of some hype chapters.
Go back to the kings bounty thread i actually voted on way below that i just got a maasive W and you candies can keep coping.
Zoro not only gets the opponent you all wanted but he gets the strongest one too.
Always has been like this, except in Arlong Park where Zoro was Injured.
But you know, we Sanji fans aren't trying to put Zoro equal to Sanji, no, we just say that our cook Is someone who can keep up with the swordsman, someone that can still be considered a rival for him and that would give him an hard fight, but Roronoa will always win.
But think about It, Zoro's facing a 1.39 bilion bounty, Sanji is facing a 1.32 bilion bounty and Luffy a 4.6 bilion bounty opponent, If Zoro was more close to Luffy then Sanji his opponent would have been Big Mom who has a bounty of 4.38 bilion.
We Sanji fans know that Zoro Is the Number 2 and Sanji the Number 3, we just want to open your eyes about this:

Number 1 >> Number 2 >~ Number 3
Luffy >> Zoro >~ Sanji.
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