Least Impressive Supernova in Wano?

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Oda finish wano already. Im tired of this bullshit. Why give stupid whore yamato a flashback???? Whyyy? Only reason is for ushimaru saying something special but if i see yamato getting ass beating from kaido than wano is worst arc in one piece. Fuck yamato i hope she dies
Wano is one of my fav arcs but yeah this character has absolutely nothing interesting to bring, such a miss by oda
The 3 samurai are definitely of the following:

- Shimotsuki Ushimaru
- Uzuki Clan Leader
- Fugetsu Clan Leader
- Or the Amatsuki Clan Leader

The others are Kozuki and Kurozumi, totalling the 6 clans of Wano. There is a reason Oda teased an iteratio of the 5 Daimyo in Odens flashback, but never addressed the rest of Wano's history:

They won't be exactly the same as these silhouettes but their decendents. The only question is why 3 and not 4? Kozuki was "dead" by this point, and Orochi ruled here. So I wonder of the 4, which isn't imprisoned here (assuming they are Clan leaders)
I think they are the daimyo s.
What missing is kuri daimyo (oden) and hakumai daimyo (yasu)
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