Is TACy a she or a he?

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There is no such thing as disabled Ashura. Attack potency won't come down with decrease in hp. Ultimate attacks are used as a last resort. People really found a hard cope.
It does exist when a man has 30 broken bones and Law wonders how he is still alive. It's the same shit when Zoro used asura against Kizaru. He was already injured and wasn't at his best.
So we're all on board with the Momotaro theory yes? Because Marco definitely as every right to be on that Roof.

He sailed with Oden for years, he was there when Momo was born, and Aces brother is up there as well.

One More thing i want to point out is that hes been fighting nothing but top tiers since hes been active in Onigashima.

All except the main one he has the most beef with.
Kaido is the only Yonko Marco didn't face yet.
Denjiro and the dukes lmao what??

ALL of the scabbards together got folded by Kaido, the dukes were in sulong and everything, yet none of the scabbards were able to give any permanent damage to kaido and were defeated with easy

and you are just saying to me that these guys individualy would be able to bring an admiral to a hard diff lol

Zoro alone did more damage to kaido than all of the scabbards combined (he gave him a scar), yet zoro is not able to bring Kizaru to a hard diff at all (as of right now)

so I'm trying to understand how Denjiro or the dukes would be able to pull that off against an admiral when they were so pathetic against kaido...
afaik, your opinion doesnt say anything about the admiral as much as kaido is that much stronger.

Let me ask you this, do you see kaido beating jozu/marco the way he beats the dukes?
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