Is TACy a she or a he?

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Big Mom Kaido's equal already put Whitebeard above Kaido and treats Kaido like shit.

Kaido would be dead if Roger's was alive. Roger mid to high diffs him.

The Prime Healthy Peak Roger at God Valley mid diffs Kaido. Oden made that clear.

Kaido simply sucks, and I'm tired of watching Luffy waste his time on him. Luffy should be fighting real fighters like Akainu and Shanks.
prime Roger couldnt even Mid diff Rookie oden He literally came back after 2 seconds

prime Kaido extrm diff prime Roger at max
Roger not even top1 in his era
and His rival wB didnt wannt to smoke with Prime kaido

You talking about young kaido we talking about prime kaido that stronger than Roger

Pirate King luffy will Extrm diff Kaido 1v1

(By the way healthy Zoro one shot Kaido)
After reading these spoilers Kaido is trash, does this mean Luffy is going to beat him without Awakening or mastering COC.

As long as Kaido is beaten without Awakening or Mastered Advanced CoC, he is weaker than Shanks, Akainu, Teach and Mihawk. Mihawk is the 4th strongest after Blackbeard, Shanks, and Akainu.

3) Akainu( Post Aokiji fight)
5) Kaido

Luffy would never treat the 4 above, the way he treats Kaido. He is beating Kaido without mastering his CoC( Kaido called his usage clumsy) and Awakening.

Shanks and Blackbeard are way stronger than Kaido.
what exactly happened lol
he is in damage control because Luffy 1v1 kaido got fucked up
he just realise Luffy wont suprass kaido
and trying to Donwplay Supreme Leader Kaido:steef:
I thought Luffy would use Awakening or mastered CoC to beat Kaido, but Kaido is too weak for that.
Luffy is using his unmastered Adv CoC and G4 to beat Kaido.

Awakening is to Gear 4 what Gear 4 is to base Luffy.

Not to mention kaido said his CoC usage was clumsy. What happens when he masters it and grows even stronger than now.

After this henis goign to Face Shanks, Blackbeard and Akainu.

Kaido was already dodging base Luffy without CoC in chapter 1009.
Dude....some of your takes are interesting and fun to read....but sometimes what happens to you?....:kaidowhat:
what is with this stupid post.....don't make Luffy fans stupid...and you are shitting on Luffy indirectly....:lawsigh:
Yeah, I know however, I wanted a fight where Luffy is serious and uses all his tools at his dispossal. Here, he hasn't even used King Kong Gun, and Kaido is too weak to push Luffy.

Katakuri changed the way Luffy thought, made him use his head and powered him up significanlty. Kaido cannot even do half of that.

He would never do what he did against Kaido to Shanks, Blackbeard and Akainu.
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