Is TACy a she or a he?

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It's ok to admit Yamato>King. She lasted for a pretty long time against Kaido and she is still mostly unharmed after a prolonged clash.

It's an Admiral level feat. Yamato could be the strength of an Admiral to be honest. I'm not sure how even someone like Akainu would do against Kaido.

Kaido is a total monster this Raid. Well deserving of the Top 1 spot in all of One Piece
Sanjikun ever since WCI
"Boundman would beat/trash Cracker " didn't happen then "Muh he hid behind his clones " cries
"Boundman will trash Kata and win" didn't happen and got mid diffed
"Boundman will badly hurt kaido" lol oneshotted
"Boundman with ryou/adcoa will beat kaido " lol didn't win
"Snakeman will dominate and beat Katakuri " didn't even win the brawl
Now ",Boundman will badly dominate and beat kaido"

Judy stop writing stuff to overrated boundman then wank doffy
Boundman is yet to win a battle since DR that tells why doffy isn't top tier despite his tricks and awakening
Boundman will get clubbed and won't even win as easily as you claim

In fact luffy might still lose again
He also said Luffy would beat Big Mom back in WCI on orojackson :moonwalk:
He assumed he didn't have CoC(underestimated)
He chose to slowly attack a swordsman in melee rather than blast him with rapid fire lasers, or kanabo air blasts and use kanabo followup in dynamic combat as he did vs pre advCoC Luffy or Yamato here.
Zoro was putting all his energy into asura, he couldn't deal with a rapid fire assault from a far more mobile enemy, it was PIS.
Yeah, so he wasn't off guard.

Zoro blitzed him after doing an attack. Kaido then found out it was a conquerors attack that hit him. None of what you said matters lol. Kaido was not off guard, you could say he underestimated Zoro there but that's about it.
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